Expert on Paper Edge Protector Machine and Paper Honeycomb Machine

As a professional paper making machine manufacturer in China, our main products involve paper edge protector, honeycomb PAPER BOARD MAKING MACHINE, and paper corner cutting machine. San machinery is widely used in packaging and furniture industry and so on. Our company adheres to the principle of leading technology, high quality, with reasonable structure, perfect configuration, to provide customers with the best choice and the best after-sales service.

Paper Edge Board Machine

Paper edge protector refers to the machine of paper angle production. Generally it is composed of paper guide, gluing, forming, cutting, automatic stacking and other devices and some accessories, which can complete all the process of paper angle manufacturing. Paper edge protector machine of San machinery can basically meet all your needs for making paper edge.

Paper Edge Protector Machine

This type of paper edge board machine mainly produces paper edge protectors of various shapes and fully automated production process and quickly. Easy to operate, reduce the human cost and greatly reduce the cost of materials by using paper edge board machine.

Paper Slip Sheet Machine

These San Machinery products used to produce paper slip sheet/flat board/paperboard, which are used to make paper pallets, paperboard products, etc. And it adopts electric control system to guarantee stable speed.

Paper Edge Protector Cutter

Machines in this category of edge board machine manufacturers can be used to cut paper corners into smaller pieces or die-cut paper corners. Paper edge board machine can process the edge board into the required shape.

Paper Slitting Rewinding Machine

This machine is used to cut the original paper roll into paper rolls suitable for paper edge protector, then rewind into separate paper rolls.

Honeycomb Paper Machine

The honeycomb paper making machine in this catalog include a complete production line, also capable of making honeycomb paper cores and laminate honeycomb paperboards separately. Honeycomb paper making machine of San machinery has advanced cutting structure and technology, high cutting speed. With high degree of automation and lower loss, the honeycomb paperboard yield up to 98%. The honeycomb caliber is regular and uniform, which is easy and convenient to operation for workers. The honeycomb paper making machine performance is stable and reliable, taking the lead position in China.

Honeycomb Paper Core Machine

The production line is capable of one-stop automatic production of honeycomb paper core. The biggest advantage of this production line lies in high automation and low labor cost.

Honeycomb Paper Lamination Machine

Glue surface paper on both sides of the honeycomb paper core, then laminate to honeycomb paperboard. The honeycomb paperboard can be quickly dried by heating and cooling. So as to ensure that the machine can run at high speed.

Honeycomb Paperboard Machine

This is the whole production to produce honeycomb paperboard, it can produce 4 different cell sizes on the same device. High cutting efficiency and fully automatic production.

Honeycomb Cutter

These honeycomb cutter machines of San Machinery are mainly used to make honeycomb paper core or honeycomb cardboard into the shape your need. Such as expand the honeycomb core, slit honeycomb board and die cutting the honeycomb board, etc. The cutting precision of honeycomb paper cutting machinereaches zero error. Do not change the material characteristics, so that the cutting is easier. Save time and labor. High cutting precision, long service life.



Adhere to the principle of user first, one-stop services.


After-sales installation and commissioning, one year warranty, all life follow-up service.


Export to dozens of countries, advanced technology and stable manufacturing quality.


16 years of experience on this industry, professional and trustworthy.

San Machinery is a professional paper cutting machine manufacturer, we provide paper core cutting machines, honeycomb making machine, edge board machine, corner board machine for saleand etc. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.


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