12 Hours Diffuser

With 12 hour aromatherapy diffusers from MOZZIN, you can feel the soothing effects of your favorite essential oils anytime. Many people already use aromatherapy for several health and wellbeing purposes. Using an aroma diffuser wholesale has been known to help ward off illness, improve the mood and even the cognitive function. It's no surprise that aromatherapy diffusers continue to grow in popularity and have become a part of healthy lifestyle practices. The MOZZIN diffuser is also a 12 hour humidifier that will provide you better using experience.

FAQs of 12 Hour Diffuser

Why do I need a 12 hour essential oil diffuser?

The 12 hour diffuser, working aslo a humidifier, will diffuse fragrance for more than 12 hours, which means you will enjoy aromatherapy for a longer time compared to a small diffuser.

What is usually the water tank size of 10 hour diffusers?

The 10 hour diffuser usually comes with a water tank of 280-200 ml.

As a professional oil diffuser factory, we provide sorts of custom oil diffuserfor sale, if you have interest, please contact us.


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