Facility Management Software

Facility Maintenance Software

EAMic® facility softwareprovides one-stop service for facility and equipment managers by completing daily facility management and reducing facility maintenance costs.

EAMic® Facilities Asset Management SystemSoftware Functional Modules

FacilityMaintenance Software Solutions

The basic information of facilities and equipment includes code, name, specification, type, classification code, model, manufacturer, and the definition of equipment location includes the project to which it belongs, the building to which it belongs, the floor shown, the room to which it belongs, and the parameters of normal operation.

Record the maintenance information of facilities and equipment. For example, date, maintenance cycle, maintenance personnel, overhaul and other information.

Repair Record Management

Operators use mobile s or PDAs to quickly scan a QR code to request on-site, and record and submit repair applications in multimedia ways such as photos, recordings, videos and texts, which makes it convenient for the maintenance department to obtain repair application orders in a timely manner. With the small changes brought about by EAMic®, the maintenance department has reduced response time.

The engineer receives the repair request order and responds quickly to the repair. The entire repair process is recorded in the EAMic® system and analyzed and managed for fault analysis, fault type, solution measures, response level, impact level, repair work hours, etc., and an electronic maintenance medical record card for the facility is established and synchronization can be completed.

Preventive Maintenance Management

Given the importance of preventive maintenance work for any organization, maintenance management plans are also a core part of EAMic®. You can create inspection schedules, Regular maintenance schedules, and annual overhaul schedules for any group of facilities in your organization.

In addition, to ensure that maintenance activities can be carried out smoothly, you can also define in the plan any resources, spare parts, precautions and related documents that you need.

Inspection Management

Inspection management is a core part of facility management software. EAMic® system allows:

Customize the inspection cycle. For example, monthly, quarterly and annual inspections, and set the inspection route, steps and content.

EAMic® system automatically displays the relevant task items and required spare parts of the facility by scanning the QR code or sensing the NFC tag with a cell or PDA on site, taking photos to record the inspection process and uploading the inspection data in real-time to ensure that the inspection is in place.

If abnormalities are found during the inspection, a maintenance follow-up work order can be created to follow up on the problem.

Spare Parts Inventory Management

Spare parts inventory is an important guarantee for equipment maintenance and operation, and spare parts play a vital role in the management of facilities and equipment.

Refined spare parts inventory management and real-time inventory warning prompts are convenient for enterprises to replenish spare parts inventory in time. EAMic® system records the usage of each employee and clearly understands the whereabouts of each spare part.

Special Equipment Management

Special equipment, such as boilers, pressure vessels, forklifts, elevators or lifting equipment and facilities, have annual inspections, and the EAMic® system can set up a reminder board for expiration.

Dashboard Management

Facility operation and maintenance visualization is the demand of many owners. For example, in the machining industry, the owner hopes to display on a large screen and give different user groups permissions to achieve different report display. User gets to see different dashboards as their access group changes, where hyperlinked lists of work orders are displayed in groups. For large-screen displays, the EAMic® system can support customized definitions.

Document Management

With EAMic®, you can also add electronic documents (e.g. drawings, installation instructions, related pictures) to any of your assets, which means that you can find documentation and maintenance data related to your corporate facility asset at any time throughout its life cycle.

Upload all the necessary files for daily maintenance work

Available for download on both PC and mobile terminal

Build enterprise mobile knowledge base

Easy access to technician skill training and study

Patrol Management

EAMic® system will generate QR codes for the facilities or regional locations that need to be patrolled, and scan the QR code to obtain the relevant data information such as the displacement and status of the facility, so as to realize the "visualization" management of the on-site situation and achieve the goal of patrolling.

Generate QR codes for daily safety inspections, equipment maintenance, hygiene inspections, etc., and paste them on site, generate electronic inspection forms, and take photos on site to truly record the inspection process.

Scan the QR code to inspect, and understand the completion of daily work through task statistics.

Report Management

The reporting feature in EAMic® enables you to analyze the data recorded in work orders, monitor all maintenance work that occurs within your organization, and measure key maintenance metrics (e.g. MTBF, MTTR). In addition, you can also make accurate and precise decisions by using graphical reports to analyze failures and validate ideas and findings.

Implementation of EAMic® Asset Management System Software

The impact of equipment and facility management on enterprise management costs is not only reflected in the quantity and quality, but also in the investment effects, maintenance costs, energy and spare parts consumption of facilities and equipment. Timely maintenance activities can effectively extend the service life and maintenance cycle of facilities and equipment, save maintenance costs and reduce losses.

Therefore, a set of simple and easy-to-use facility and equipment maintenance management software becomes very important. Enterprises or facility maintenance departments do not necessarily need a large and professional building maintenance system or CMMS, but a simple and effective facility maintenance system that can achieve effective supervision is essential.ValueApex provides customers in different industries with a facility maintenance management system.

EAMic® facility management software is designed to help facility and equipment management departments achieve maintenance excellence, and provide good equipment reliability and overall equipment efficiency (OEE) for enterprise operation and maintenance. Choosing EAMic® facility maintenance management software is not only to use a set of professional facility maintenance management solutions but more importantly, to take the first step in the pursuit of maintenance excellence management.

From your building to your floor to your room, all your facility is managed in EAMic®. All inspection plans will be automatically triggered, released, executed, monitored and analyzed in EAMic®.

Application Scenarios of EAMic® Facility Management Software


third party on service provider

office building


industrial park

public facilities



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fire station



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