CNC Milling

CNC Milling processing is suitable for precision and complex parts processing, periodically repeated production parts processing, multi-station, multi-process concentrated part processing. The main processing objects are box parts, complex curved parts, special-shaped parts and discs, and plate parts. As a professional CNC milling company, ETCN provides the best china CNC milling service. Our services range also includes cnc milling stainless steel, cnc milling brass, mill aluminum with router.We also have applied high speed cnc machiningto increase the speed of productivity.

According to the number of axes controlled, the mill axis of cnc milling for makers can be divided into 3 axis cnc mill, 4 axis cnc mill and 5 axis mill.

CNC Milling Capabilities

The comprehensive processing ability of china cnc manufacturing is strong. After the workpiece is clamped at a time, more processing contents can be completed. The processing accuracy is high. The efficiency of batch workpieces with medium processing difficulty is 5-10 times that of ordinary equipment, especially it can complete much ordinary Processing that cannot be completed by the equipment is more suitable for single-piece processing with complex shapes and high precision requirements or for small and medium batches of multiple varieties. It concentrates the functions of milling, boring, drilling, tapping, and cutting threads on one device so that it has a variety of technological means.

CNC Milling Material and Finishes




Alloys Steel

Bronze Alloys

Aluminum Alloy

Stainless Steel


Carbon Steel












Maximum Dimensions


Milling Tolerance


Inspection Capabilities



Imaging Measuring Instrument


Metallographic Microscope

Non-destructive Equipment

Automatic Thread Inspection Equipment

Surface Finished

Zinc Plated

Sand Blasted

Nickel Plated


TD Coating



Zinc-Nickel Plating

















Advantage of CNC Milling

CNC milling processing is suitable for precision and complex parts processing, periodically repeated production parts processing, multi-station, multi-process concentrated part processing. The main processing objects are box parts, complex curved parts, special-shaped parts and discs, and plate parts.

The Stamping Process Has High Production Efficiency

The stamping process has high production efficiency, convenient operation, and easy realization of mechanization and automation. This is because stamping is done by relying on punching dies and stampings. The number of strokes of a popular press can reach dozens of times per minute, and the high-speed pressure can reach hundreds or even thousands of times per minute with high-speed CNC machining. It is possible to get a punch.

High Precision

CNC milling processing is suitable for precision and complex parts processing, periodically repeated production parts processing, multi-station, multi-process concentrated part processing. The main processing objects of CNC precision milling are box parts, complex curved parts, special-shaped parts and discs, and plate parts.

Less Waste

CNC milling processing is suitable for precision and complex parts processing, periodically repeated production parts processing, multi-station, multi-process concentrated part processing. The main processing objects are box parts, complex curved parts, special-shaped parts and discs, and plate parts.

CNC Milling FAQS

What Is A Mechanical Processing Plant And Are Its Design And Process Benchmarks The Same

Mechanical processing, although its name is short, it contains a lot of related knowledge, so if you want to have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of mechanical processing, it takes some time and effort to achieve the goal. At the same time, I also hope that everyone will take it seriously so we can gain some professional knowledge from it.

Mechanical processing, in the view of Wuxi Tiecheng, china cnc machining factory, refers to the process of changing the external dimensions or performance of a workpiece by a mechanical device, which is called mechanical processing. In addition, if the mechanical processing is divided according to the processing method, it can be divided into two types: cutting processing and pressure processing.

In mechanical processing, if the process specification is designed, there are some design principles, which are mainly as follows: First, the designed process specification can allow parts or workpieces to have good processing quality and can reach the design drawings. The technical requirements stipulated. Second, the fabrication and machining process should have high production and processing efficiency, and the finished products obtained through processing can be used normally as soon as possible. Third, the manufacturing cost should be reduced; Fourth, the intensity of manual operations should be reduced. It also allows processing to proceed safely.

As for this question, the mechanical processing plant Wuxi Tiecheng believes that the answer is no, that is, the design benchmark and process benchmark in mechanical processing is different. Design basis refers to the basis used to determine the position of other points, lines, and areas on the part drawing. The process reference refers to the reference used by the part during processing and assembly, and it can be divided into three parts: assembly reference, measurement reference, and positioning reference.

From a professional point of view, the answer to this question is yes, and Wuxi Iron City, a mechanical processing plant, thinks so. Moreover, in addition to paying attention to the calculation of the cost of machining, it is also necessary to know how to calculate correctly, so that accurate results and correct values can be obtained, so as to avoid erroneous results and obtain erroneous values.

Surface Treatment Process For Processing Precision Mechanical Parts

In the processing of precision mechanical parts, the requirements for strength and toughness are relatively high. Its working performance and service life are closely related to its surface performance. The improvement of surface performance cannot be achieved solely by materials, and it is also very uneconomical. The method, but in actual processing, its performance must be up to standard. At this time, surface treatment technology is needed.

In the field of mold surface treatment, mold polishing technology is a very important link and an important process in the processing of workpieces. The surface treatment process of precision mechanical parts processing is very important in the processing process. It is worth reminding that the polishing of the mold surface of precision parts is not only affected by the process and polishing equipment, but also by the parts. The influence of the specularity of the material has not received enough attention in the current processing, which also shows that the polishing itself is affected by the material.

Although the processing technology to improve the surface performance of precision parts is constantly being updated and upgraded, the main applications in the processing of precision parts are hardened film deposition, nitriding and carburizing technologies. Because the nitriding technology can obtain a high level of surface performance, and the nitriding technology has a high degree of coordination with the quenching process of steel in precision parts.

The temperature of nitriding is very low so that after the nitriding technology, no intense cooling process is required, so the deformation of precision parts will be very small, so the nitriding technology is also used to strengthen when machining precision mechanical parts The surface performance adopts one of the early technologies, and it is also widely used at present.

Control of CNC Machining Speed

CNC machining is developing on the road of high speed and high efficiency. This includes the speed control of precision cnc machining china. If you want to make full use of the effective working stroke, you must make the moving parts accelerate to the high-speed stroke in a very short time and stop at the instant of the high-speed stroke. This is why it is necessary to control the speed of CNC custom machiningin Dongguan.

According to the open control idea, we propose a method that can automatically accelerate and decelerate the control of the movement of the CNC machine tool according to any curve. This method pushes the automatic acceleration and deceleration control from the traditional fixed mode to a new flexible mode and explores a new way to effectively improve the dynamic performance of CNC machine tools.

During high-speed CNC milling, the specific automatic speed control function is usually realized directly by the system program. In this way, it is necessary to change the acceleration and deceleration characteristics of the system or to modify the NC program by the addition and subtraction control, so ordinary users cannot make the CNC machine tool have the best acceleration and deceleration performance according to their own wishes. Therefore, the flexible acceleration and deceleration control method we proposed adopts the principle of the database, divides the acceleration and deceleration control into acceleration and deceleration description and implementation, and separates the acceleration and deceleration description from the system program. In the numerical control system software, a general control channel independent of the contents of the acceleration and deceleration database is designed, and the acceleration and deceleration calculation and trajectory control are independently completed by it.

Set the acceleration curve, analytical curve, and non-analytic curve, and store it in the acceleration and deceleration curve library as a model in the form of a number table.

Similarly, it is stored in the acceleration/deceleration curve library as a model in the form of a number table. Reasonable automatic acceleration and deceleration control is an important link to ensure the dynamic performance of CNC machine tools. The traditional automatic acceleration and deceleration control based on a fixed curve is difficult to ensure that the acceleration and deceleration process matches the performance of the machine tool due to lack of flexibility, and it is difficult to optimize the dynamic characteristics of the machine tool movement with precision milling.

What Aspects Of Mechanical Processing Will Cause Deformation Of Steel Parts

During the whole process of machining, it is very easy to cause deformation of steel parts due to various machining errors or other errors of production and processing staff. There is no way to deal with this problem. People must first understand the actual reason for the deformation and then use the release to solve it. Therefore, what are the key factors that can easily cause the deformation of steel parts during the whole process of machining?

Deformation caused by clamping of steel parts

When the clamping force effect of multiple orientations is carried on the steel parts, the order of the clamping force should be considered. For the clamping force of the steel parts and the support points to touch, the effect should be first, and it is not easy to be large. The key clamping force should be effective in the end.

Secondly, the total contact area between the steel parts and the tooling fixture should be enlarged or the radial clamping force should be selected. Improving the stiffness of parts is a reasonable way to deal with clamping deformation, but because of the appearance and structural characteristics of thick-walled parts, they have lower stiffness. In that way, under the effect of the clamping force, it will cause deformation.

The material and construction of steel parts will harm the deformation of steel parts

The size of the deformation is proportional to the complexity of the shape, aspect ratio and wall thickness, and to the rigidity and reliability of the material. Therefore, when designing the parts of the plan, the damage of such elements to the deformation of the steel parts should be reduced as much as possible.

Especially in the construction of large and medium-sized parts, the reasonable configuration should be ensured. Before production and processing, it is necessary to strictly control the strength and looseness of the blank to ensure the quality of the blank and reduce the deformation of the steel parts.

The Processing Characteristics And Application Of CNC Lathe

CNC lathe machining has been used more and more in modern manufacturing, and it has exerted advantages that cannot be matched by ordinary lathes. So what are the main features of CNC lathe machining? The following is introduced by our chief engineer of Ruisheng Technology:

  1. Drag lightly. The tool holder (workbench) is moved by a ball screw pair, with low friction and light movement. The supporting special bearings at both ends of the screw have a larger pressure angle than ordinary bearings, and they are selected at the factory. The lubrication part of CNC CNC lathe machining is automatically lubricated by oil mist. These measures make CNC CNC lathe machining mobile and light.

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