Bamboo Board Wholesale

HQC Bamboo Board is also called bamboo furniture board, bamboo panel, bamboo veneer. HQC bamboo furniture boardis made by gluing and pressing the strips of bamboo into a square plate. HQC Bamboo Board can be used to make bamboo furniture and bamboo wood cutting board, etc. HQC Bamboo Board, a kind of renewable resource, has good physical and mechanical properties, the water absorption coefficient of which is small. It is not easy to crack and deform. HQC, as one of the most reliable bamboo board manufacturersand bamboo panel suppliersin China, provides high-quality bamboo products to customers around the world.


 Rotproofness  High cycle life  Stability  High density  High toughness  Wear-resistance  Crushing resistance  Low carbon and environmental  Fire resistance

Flat Board

Bamboo Planks for Sale

The raw material of HQC Bamboo Flat Board is provided by reliable bamboo lumber suppliers. Bamboo belongs to renewable resources. Only three or five years can bamboo grow enough to be cut. After another three or five years, bamboo can be cut again.

Lateral Pressure Board

Lateral Pressure Board Sale

HQC Bamboo Lateral Pressure Board is made of bamboo strip flaking from bamboo tree, and the high-quality part is selected for stewing, carbonization and drying.

As one of china bamboo flooring suppliers,we also have other types of bamboo furniture for sale, if you have needs, please contact us.


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