Cotton Fibre Socks Types

Cotton is the mainstream raw material for socks we make at present. Generally speaking, the better the cotton yarn is, the more comfortable the socks are. Pure cotton fiber can absorb moisture into the surrounding atmosphere, and its moisture content is 8-10%. It feels soft and not stiff when contacting the skin, which makes all cotton socks more comfortable.

If the humidity increases and the surrounding temperature is high, all the water content in the fiber will evaporate and disperse, so that the fabric will maintain a water balance and make people feel comfortable.

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Wanna Know More About Cotton Fibre Socks?

Our cotton fibers have extremely low thermal and electrical conductivity coefficients, and the fibers themselves are porous and highly elastic. The gaps between the fibers can accumulate a large amount of air (air is also a conductor of heat and electrical failure) and has high heat retention. We have 100 percent pure cotton socksfor sale.

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We have the OEKO-TEX certificate. We can solve the problems that often occur when plastic dropping, so our grips quality and effect are pretty good.

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Cotton Fibre Socks FAQs

Is Cotton good for socks?

A: Cotton is a lightweight absorbent fiber. It is breathable, washable, and durable, it is the most common fiber in socks.

Which socks are better cotton or polyester?

A: Cotton socks are breathable, much more so than polyester.

Innovate Socks Categories

Innovate Knitting Co., Ltd. is a happy socks supplierspecialized in the production of all kinds of socks, including Trampoline Socks, Airline Airplane socks, Yoga Socks, Sports Socks, Happy Socks, Home Socks, Toe socks and so on. High-quality support and competitive prices!


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