CNC stone carving machine

China EAAK
1. The bed steel structure is welded seamlessly and is subjected to vibration aging treatment. It is strong in steel, durable and not easily deformed.
2, the three axes are imported high-precision square linear guides, Z-axis uses ball screws, high precision and durability. The X.Y axis uses a rack drive for faster speeds, better efficiency and cost savings.
3, software compatibility, compatible with type3 / artcam / castmate / Wentai and other CAD / CAM design and production software, with tool compensation, Chinese display, background editing, spindle multi-point positioning, analog operation display, fault display.
4, using the Weihong operating system, the operation is more convenient. The drive system is fully functional, stable, and extremely reliable.
5, with oil lubrication system, maintenance and maintenance is more convenient.
6, with breakpoint continued carving, power failure recovery, advanced processing and other functions.
7, dustproof structure makes the machine cleaner
8, the rack uses high precision helical rack and pin accuracy is much higher than the same industry
CNC stone engraving machine for a range of applications: granite, marble, bluestone, crystal stone, microcrystalline stone, all kinds of artificial stone, glass, murals, village monuments, tombstones, milestones, decorative skirting and other convenient lettering, carving. It can be used for art carvings such as yin carving, yang carving, line carving and embossing. It can be used for arc bottom, pointed bottom, flat bottom, shaped cutting, inverted, chamfered, curved lines, etc.
Model EK-S9015
XYaxis Working size 900*1500mm
Z working size 200mm
Table size 1450*2300mm
Max idle speed 35m/min
Max engraving speed 15m/min
Resolution 0.05mm
Reposition Accuracy: 0.05mm
Feeding rate 200mm
Frame: Welded steelheavy typestructure
Command G code, u00*, mmg*, plt
Control System DSP handle controller or Genuine Ncstudio control system
Rail Taiwan HIWINsquare linear guide rail
Transmission X Y rack rail and Z axis ball screw
Power AC380V/50HZ,3 phases
Spindle Power Constant power 5.5Kwwatercooling spindle
Drive motor High speed stepper drive motor
Compatible software Ucancam/Type3/ Artcam
Collet 3.175mm,3mm,4mm,6mm.8mm,10mm,12.5mm


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