HF Membrane Welders-2019

The membranes hf pvc welding machinein Liaoning Yufei company is created with our customers for our clients. It's perfect for production enhancement. It can be also used for mending tarpaulins, inflatables or waterbeds.

High frequency canvas membrane structure welding machine which can be applicable to the outdoor membrane structure, outdoor tents, advertising printing cloth, tarpaulin, building membrane structure, tensioned membrane, space film, cable film, awning, bike shed (car shed), carport, landscape architecture membrane structure, membrane structure park membrane structure, software pool, inflatable boats, storage tanks, PVC bag, the spire membrane structure such as PVC/TPU membrane structure welding or stitching. Membrane structure welding machine are suitable for outdoor film structure, open-air tent, advertising inkjet cloth, tarpaulin tent , tensioned membrane, Cable membrane , awning, parking shed, landscape architectural membrane structure, flexible biogas pool, inflatable boats, oil storage tanker, PVC bag, spire membrane structure of PVC/TPU membrane structure welding or splicing. These aspects including protective wear, covers, signs and banners and inflatable are strongly recommended.

Machine features: deep width of machine feeding groove, convenient for large area continuous connection; The exclusive research and development of high sensitivity spark control circuit is used to prevent the damage of mold. The machine is certified by CE and exported to dozens of countries on six continents.

Liaoning Yufei High-Frequency Equipment Co., Ltd. is a one of the most professional Chinese high frequency welding machine manufacturers. We sincerely invite and welcome people from all around the world to invest and create more values together.


至: Liaoning Yufei High Frequency Equipment Co.,ltd.
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