High Frequency PVC Door Curtain Welding Machine-2019

Equipment Description of High Frequency PVC Door Welding Machine

UNIFY's consistent superior quality has been upheld. The width of fully automatic magnetic curtain heat sealing equipment generally ranges from 150mm to 750mm, which can be adjusted and customized. The whole process of automatic unwinding, transmission, wrapping, welding, and rewinding can be achieved. PLC automatic control technology can pre-store multiple sets of process parameters and call at any time. The transmission clamping force can be achieved and transmission distance accuracy can be adjusted.

The PVC magnetic curtain produced by high-frequency PVC door curtain welder can be more beautiful and durable than the usual PVC curtain. This new curtain can be mainly used in major shopping malls, supermarkets, warehouses, and other public places. It also can block the invasion of cold wind in winter and keep the air-conditioned outside and mosquito invasion in summer.

The functional description of High-Frequency PVC Door Curtain Welding Machine

The high-frequency cabinet of the equipment is integrated with the mainframe to save the floor space to the maximum.

In the form of a small automatic production line, the material is automatically unrolled and automatically driven.

Highly sensitive spark protection play an important role in protection for mold and workpieces cutting off by one hundred thousandths of a second.

Line filter protection avoids electric field radiation so that the equipment operates stably.

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Technical Parameters ofHigh-Frequency PVC Door Curtain Welding Machine

High-frequency power



Over-current protection


Spark protection

NL5557(Chinese domestic or NATIONAL in America)and high sensitive electric circuit

electron tube



The applicable width of the curtain


The whole size of the machine


pneumatic component


PLC brand


low voltageapparatus


Liaoning Yufei High-Frequency Equipment Co., Ltd. is a renowned Chinese company specializing in R&D and manufacture of hf machine. We sincerely invite and welcome people from all around the world to invest and create more values together.


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