Laser Diffraction

Particle size measurement using static light scattering (particle size analysis laser diffraction methodsmethod / Particle size determination by laser diffraction method)

The particle size distribution as a parameter to specify a powder or dispersion plays a central role in many applications. Examples are construction material (sands, cements), pharmaceuticals, lime stones, ceramics, colored pigments, fertilizers, emulsions and many more. Therefore, laser diffraction techniqueis very important. The range of applications is increasing permanently and hence the requirements on the measurement methods regarding size range, measuring time and reproducibility are increasing. Particularly the precise and reproducible detection of particles with sizes close to the measuring range limits as well as the simultaneous determination of particle sizes of very small particles (nanometer range) as well as large particles (lower millimeter range) for the characterization of polymodally or very broadly distributed samples provides a challenge. State-of-the-art laser diffraction analyzersuch as the Bettersizer S3 Plus laser grain size analyzer solves these tasks by an innovative design of the optical bench for the detection of backscattered light of very small particles and by detecting large particles by an integrated high-speed CCD camera or the combination of static light scattering and automated imaging.

We are Bettersize Instruments, a Chinese company developing and manufacturing laser particle size analyzers with excellent particle measuring systems since 1995.

We offer a variety of products from basic to advanced research equipment, such as laser diffraction particle size analyser ,dry particle size analyzer, nanoparticle size analyser, particle image analyzer, mie scattering theory particle size analyzer, etc, deliver precise analysis of materials from nanometer to millimeter, and assist scientists and engineers to understand material properties, facilitate research, and improve production efficiency.

Nowadays, we are more than particle size analyzer service; we help to accelerate your business. We deliver state-of-the-art technological solutions for particle size distribution measurement and particle size testing to understand powder material properties, facilitate new product developments, control product quality, and improve manufacturing efficiency in hand with our clients. Our laser particle size analyzer (laser particle size analyser) has been widely used in many countries and districts from China and abroad.


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