HSG Engineering Hydraulic Cylinders

Brief Introduction:

HSG type engineering hydraulic cylinder is a double-acting single-rod piston type hydraulic cylinder. It has the characteristics of simple structure, reliable operation, convenient assembly and disassembly, easy maintenance, buffering device and various connection methods. Mainly used in construction machinery, transportation, ships, lifting machinery, mining, machinery.

Product Advantage:

The HSG series engineering hydraulic cylinder is a double-acting single-piston rod hydraulic cylinder; the mounting method is mostly ear-ring type. There are three types of external connection: internal key connection and flange connection according to the connection method of the cylinder head and the cylinder. Engineering hydraulic cylinders are mainly used in hydraulic systems such as construction machinery, heavy machinery, lifting machinery and mining machinery.

HSG Engineering Hydraulic Cylinders

Product Description

Front and Rear Earrings Installation Features:

The tail single earring is suitable for the single earring installation condition required for the path condition or structural design of the piston rod to be along the path of the same motion plane when the piston rod is moving along the same motion plane; It is possible to install the tail and rod end spherical bearings at this time, but pay attention to the pressure load that the spherical bearing is allowed to bear.

HSG double-acting single-rod piston type hydraulic cylinder is mainly composed of a cylinder tube, a piston, a piston rod, a cylinder head, a cylinder bottom, a piston rod head and related auxiliary devices. The piston divides the cylinder into two left and right chambers. By means of the action of the pressure oil, the cylinder reciprocates. In order to improve its working effect, a sealing ring is arranged on the piston to eliminate internal leakage. Where the piston rod passes through the cylinder head, due to the existence of the gap, the external leakage phenomenon is easy to occur, and the dust can enter the cylinder through the gap, so the sealing device and the dustproof factor are set. At the same time, in order to eliminate the influence of the eccentric load on the piston operation All hydraulic cylinders must be placed at the protruding end of the piston rod, and a guiding sleeve of a considerable length is provided. In addition, when the piston moves at a faster speed, the mechanical collision between the piston and the cylinder bottom and the cylinder head is serious, so the hydraulic cylinder at both ends, a buffer reduction gear should be provided.

① Unit code

  ②Connecting type L: Screw K: Clasp F: Flange

  ③ Bore/Rod (mm)

  ④ Pressure E: 16MPa F: 20MPa G: 25MPa

  ⑤ Mounting

  ⑥ Connecting in rod

  ⑦ Oil port 1: Screw 2: Flange

  ⑧ Stroke (mm)

  ⑨ Mounting distance

Technical Specification:

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