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Description of CNC Lock Dowel Machine:

The CNC Lock Dowel Machine is a CNC router machine specially used for cabinet manufacturing. These machines are specially designed for drilling and inserting fasteners and are ideal for manufacturing cabinets, drawer boxes, closets, desks, solid wood furniture, and many other applications.

CNC Lock Dowel Machine is a kind of economical and practical horizontal drilling equipment. With a CNC cutting machine, an economical panel furniture CNC production line can be formed. And widely used in the production process of various panel furniture. Compared with traditional sliding table saws and row drills. The side hole machine adopts the gantry structure, the supporting surface of the guide rail is stable, the rack transmission mode, the transmission is stable, and the long-term high-speed operation does not deform or tremble. Therefore, it has the characteristics of high drilling accuracy, fast drilling speed, and labor cost saving. All specifications can be customized according to your special requirements.

The laser side hole machine mainly combines the principle of photoelectric induction with the internal design program of the equipment. While the equipment is running and moving, the light source emitted by the laser sensor is continuously scanned. When the hole position of the plate on the front of the panel furniture is sensed, according to the internal order of the equipment The preset side hole machining position coordinates and hole position types and specifications are used for side hole machining.

Original imported American Bonner laser probe: precision up to 0.1mm, high precision, high efficiency, time and labor-saving, cost-saving.

Applicable Materials

Solid wood board, acrylic, composite board, aluminum-plastic board, two-color board, cork, polished board, PVC, plexiglass, foam, porcelain, density board, etc.

Applicable Industries

Engraving panel furniture, wooden door industry, advertising industry, furniture, woodworking industry, etc.

Servo Motor and Reducer

High-precision servo motor, stable operation, high-efficiency, and long-lasting production, strong power, and efficient hole.

High precision reducer: The reducer has the advantages of small size, lightweight, strong load capacity, long service life, high reliability, low noise, large output torque, and high efficiency.


Stable body to reduce noise and precise drilling,effectively ensuring stability at work

Press Cylinder

The movable pressing cylinder can accurately press irregular objects and effectively avoid plate shaking and dislocation

Drag Chain

High-speed operation is sensitive, low noise, low vibration, accurate positioning, pressure resistance, and abrasion resistance, long-term use without failure, continuous work without deformation, high hardness, accurate moving position

Controller System

CNC panel operation, simple and convenient

Ball Screw

The main function of the refined ball nut screw is to convert rotary motion into linear motion or convert torque into axial repetitive force.

Jinan FORSUN CNC Machinery Co., Ltd., one of the professional Wood CNC Router manufacturers and suppliers in China, has been focusing on providing high-quality CNC Router Machines and solutions for worldwide customers for 20 years. Main computerized CNC machine types: CNC lock dowel machine, Wood CNC Router, 3d CNC carving machine, Wood CNC machine, ATC CNC router, Basic beginner CNC router, Mini desktop CNC router, Multi-Tool CNC machine, Rotary axis CNC engraver, 4/5 Axis CNC milling machine, CNC marble stone engraving machine, CNC plasma cutter, CNC foam cutting machine, CO2 laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutter, etc.

Forsun CNC Router helps you stay productive. We have the right CNC Router Machine tools for your application and we’re supporting you every step of the way.


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