Fig 400 Hammer Union

Among all the oilfield equipment companies, Rundong is your best choice. We offer all kinds of discharge manifold equipmentwith high-performance and affordable prices.

Fig 400 Hammer Union

Working Pressure:

l4,000psi(276 bar)through 4-inch sizes;

l2,500psi(172 bar)through 5 to 12-inch sizes


l21/2-through 12-inch sizes have O-rings for primary seal

lButt-weld available

lAvailable for sour gas service: 2,500 psi suction, (172 bar) cold working pressure, 5-through 12-inch sizes; 4,000psi (276 bar) coldworking pressure, 1-through 4-inch sizes

Recommended Service:

Manifold and line connections,pump suction,and mud service


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