Shredder Hammer Tips/ Knife Edges

Our shredder hammer tips are bi-metallic composites having 700BHN hardness and available in various sizes and shapes.

Our products are widely used in sugar or coal industry to do crushing and shredding performance, it has excellent impact and abrasion resistance properties so that it can enhance the service life. WALKSON, a reliable steel fabrication exporter, can also produce Tungsten Carbide + While Iron + Carbon Steel hammer tips.

Benefits of Shredder HammerTips/ Knife Edges

These kind high end hammer components made by casting can be applied in the situation as below:

Sugar Industry

Mining & Mineral Processing Industry

Cement & Steel Industry

Knife Edges/Cutter Tips are sharp edge blocks that are cost-effective alternatives to conventional expensive hard facing methods. They have sharp edges that could retain their sharpness and cutting efficiency longer than conventional methods.

Walksonis a professional manufacturing as a service companies,we provide manufacturing services in china, welding overlay, chrome carbide overlay, shovel components, etc. We are committed to delivering high-quality products and services to your design and specification with Max.


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