Calcium Carbide Furnace Tap Hole Machine

Dig furnace robot arm controlhas a walking mechanism, multi-station operator, hydraulic, electronic control, and other components. The operation is simple and practical. As one of heavy machinery companies, we can design and manufacture the hole digging robotic industrial armwith different functions according to different environments and different needs of smelting industries.

Function of Calcium Carbide Furnace Tap Hole Machine

lDig furnace robotic arm is suitable for high risk and high labor intensity environment by replacing manual work in smelting industry, such as cleaning cooling slag, ramming raw material of calcium carbide smelting furnace.


lAdvantage of Calcium Carbide Furnace Tap Hole Machine


lReduce the cost of human resources

lThe number of workers for basic configuration reduced by 75%. The annual labor cost can be saved more than hundreds of thousands of dollars.


lGreatly reduce the cost of safety risk

lThe operators are completely isolated from the discharging working site, and the risk of personal injury during discharging is eliminated.


lEffectively reduce the power consumption of calcium carbide production

The discharging process and channel are stable, and the accumulation of furnace bottom is reduced, which can effectively reduce the power consumption of calcium carbide production.

Technical Parameters of Calcium Carbide Furnace Tap Hole Machine

Lifting weight: 1500kg

Hoisting height: 800-2000mm

Lifting speed: 300mm/s

Walking speed: 150m/min

Front wheel Angle: 90°

Angle of working arm: 0°-90°

Working arm dip angle: 20°

Attention of Calcium Carbide Furnace Tap Hole Machine

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