Stretch Forming

Stretch forming is a technology to stretch the mental into different shaped mental parts. It also will improve the structure of the unloading part of the forming mold, which can automatically unload the parts under the action of the spring.

As one ofprofessional stretch forming companies, stretch forming is a essential part of industrial metal stamping.

ETCN metal fabrication service china will try our best to provide our client with the most qualified sheet metal stretch forming services and welcome to your visit.

Advantage of Stretch Forming

Stretch forming is a technique to improve the unloading structure of forming molds which includes stretch forming aluminum; it improves the efficiency of unloading parts from forming molds and can make the structure of stretch forming molds simple; stretch forming molds are composed of concave, convex molds, and blank holders. The top plate, springs, and screws are composed; advantages of stretch forming applicationsare: under the action of the spring, it can automatically unload the parts, improve the unloading efficiency, without damaging the parts, the mold structure is simple, reduce the manufacturing cost, shorten the manufacturing cycle, and convenient to use and maintain.There are many stretch forming applications in sheet mental stretching.

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