Duct Zipper

Model No.: H-10

Thickness Range : 0.4-1.0mm(20-30Ga),0.4-0.8mm(22-30Ga)

Min Duct Size: 150*150mm,100*100mm

Bearing Height: 700mm

Bearing Length: 1550mm

Bearing Arm No.: 2*3

Process Height: 800mm

Supply Ability: 10 Sets per Month


Payment Terms: T/T,L/C

Duct ZipperProducts Information

Comifo ZipperDuct, Germanic duct seaming style, allows you to produce the highest quality duct much faster,easier and more profitably than ever before. This new engineering has been taken the seaming process from the traditional three steps down to only one.

This duct zipper machineis suitable for mate flange duct and C cleat joint duct manufacture. Combined with Comifo duct manufacture compact line III, hand cleat folder,production efficiency can be greatly improved.

Comifo Group specializes in air duct machine manufacturing, contracting and selling HVAC air conditioning equipments, duct manufacturing machines, HVAC machinery, valve and actuators,air duct machine,air duct manufacturing.

Comifo Duct Manufacture Machine Co., Ltd is one of Comifo group member, the leading company which specializes in machine manufacture, involving in Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) fabrication, cable tray fabrication, coil processing, roll forming, etc.

With its advanced technology, Comifo grows to be a company of designing, manufacturing and selling air duct machine,air duct manufacturing machines to customers all over the world, from whom we obtain reputation and precious improvement advice to meet the world’s verifying technology. This is so called INNOVATION, the spirit of the ever-lasting development of a company, impresses the world of machinery.


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