Hospital Door

Hospital doors include lead doors for X-ray rooms, hospital patient room doors, ICU doors, hospital corridor doors, etc. Good hospital room door widthdesign plays an important role in preventing cross-contamination as well as providing fire and x-ray protection, maintaining correct room pressures, and ensuring optimum operating efficiency. Doors for hospitals are also being widely used in other places such as medical centers, healthcare centers, or electronic factories.

There are some advantages of Xinyi door design for hospital: hermetic seals, eco-friendly, easy to clean, anti-bacteria. As a professional hospital door manufacturer, Xinyi can provide you with different types of hospital doors with different dimensions and parameters at a consistent quality.

Types Of Hospital Doors For Sale

Healthcare Door

Healthcare facilities need to prevent cross-contamination,that's why healthcare hospital door is designed. Our healthcare doors are able to maintain correct room pressures and provide x-ray protection.

Operating Room Door

Operating rooms require no spread of infection. Our operation hospital entrance doors have seamless and smooth construe that ensures the operating room is hermetic and has clean air.

Lead Lined Door

Lead door means door inserted with the lead plate. It is the same as x-ray theatres door. The function is to provide x-ray protection from radiation rooms.

Hermetic Door

Our hermetically sealed doors have special seal gaskets and a track system to enable them to seal perfectly when closed. Places like operating rooms that have critical needs on the control of air-leakage always need hermetic sliding hospital doors.

HPL Patient Room Door

HPL is a hospital door materialhaving a high rate of fire resistance, also known as a fire-proof board. HPL healthcare doors are mostly used in OR room, patient room, and ICU room which has more hygiene concerns.

Hospital Sliding Door

Sliding hospital doorscan be used in x-ray rooms, patient rooms or operating rooms. It has a large range of applications. Xinyi's sliding doors are driven by motors which are automatic and very convenient.

What Are Hospital Doors Made Of?

The materials used in hospital doors are HPL, fireproof panel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, etc., among which wood and steel are the most commonly used. The main reason for the use of wood for hospital doors: Considering the processing technology, there are more hospital door designs that can be designed, and there are many colors to choose from. Not only simple colors, but many wood grain colors and patterns can be used. Similarly, there are more options for windows: round, square, rectangular, and even special-shaped windows can be used. However, there are many things to pay attention to when choosing wood: After a long time of use, the surface color of the hospital door is prone to fading. If the moisture-proof technology is not done well in the selection of wood, the wooden hospital dooris prone to rot. Similarly, wood cannot withstand termite corrosion, so hospitals need to pay attention to daily protection. Xinyi suggests using steel hospital entrance doors if heavy-duty and tough doors are needed.

Hospital Room Door Size: How Wide Are Hospital Doors?

There are many different types of doors used in hospitals, such as office doors, radiation protection doors, toilet doors, ward doors. The sizes of ward doors or patient doors require special attention. In order to facilitate the entry and exit of hospital beds, most of the hospital wards will use unequal door types. The size of the large part is within the range of 1300mm*2500mm. If it exceeds this size, a double hospital door design is required. The doors of hospital wards are usually equipped with windows, which can facilitate the medical staff to observe the patient's condition outside the door to prevent accidents.

Hospital Door Design

Hospital door designed solution:

The patient is safe and sure the passway or entrance preventing incidents, as well as complications, are a very important theme in healthcare or hospital. We respond to this need by ensuring that the hospital doors perform optimally in the field of Hygiene;

Safety; Ease of use. The style of hospital door can be optional is based on room function to select the cleanroom door and sliding door etc.

▪ Clean room door is suitable for patient room, doctors room and the house of hospital staff, etc.

▪ Sliding door is widely in the operating room, ICU room and entrance door system, etc.

We provided the complete entrance door solutions for Healthcare institutions or hospitals.

- Sliding Hospital Doors Design

FAQS of Hospital Door

What are the materials for your hospital doors for sale?

Stainless steel panel, aluminum panel or compact panel.

What are the types of hospital double swing doorsfor sale at Xinyi?

There are X-ray room doors, ICU room door, emergency room doors, patient room door, hospital entrance doors, etc.

What are the standard hospital door dimensions? Can you do ODM?

900mm*2100mm,1500mm*2100mm etc. All sizes could be customized.

What's the difference between hospital doors and normal doors?

Hospital doors should have flat surfaces. Dirt-collecting joints and recesses complicate regular cleaning. The materials used in the door must be able to withstand washing with various types of chemicals without causing damage. The risk of the door being hit by hospital beds or similar is pronounced. Doors and frames must therefore be designed to withstand regular impact.

We also have kinds of doors for industryfor sale, if you have needs, please contact us.


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