Double Sided Advertising Machine

Pixel pitch: 3mm, 4mm
Model: A60-300-2L/A60-400-2L/A78-300-2L/A82-400
Cabinet/Module size: 868x1850x200 mm, 1060x2190x200mm, 1124x2190x200mm
Viewing distance: ≥3m
Brightness: ≥7000CD/m2
Refresh rate: ≥1920Hz
Ave.power: 640W/set, 1120W/set
Product details



√ Smoke/humidity temperature detecting

√ Large scale cluster scale cluster control and management

√ Free Wifi

√ High brightness and energy saving



√ Face recognition

√ Smart interactive voice and video

√ Free charge port


Product A60-300-2L A60-400-2L A78-300-2L A82-400
Terminal Display Size 60” 60” 78” 82”
Terminal Size 868*1850*200mm 868*1850*200mm 1060*2190*200mm 1124*2190*200mm
Teminal Resolution 256*448*2 192*320*2 320*576*2 256*448*2
Terminal Weight 90kg 90kg 150kg 150kg
Terminal Power Consumption 660W/set 640W/se 1280W/set 1200W/set
Terminal Brightness >7000nits >7000nits >7000nits >7000nits



Suitable for Community, walking street, school, hospital, roadside, park, supermarket, parking lot, metro station, hotel, gas station, automobile 4s shop, tourist attraction, bus station etc.


至: Garant optima Company Limited
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