Car Serpentine Belt

Sperpentine Belt is also called compound V belt. It is a new type of car drive belt. It is an endless belt with several longitudinal triangular wedges under the flat belt base. It has been widely used, and is particularly suitable for transmissions that require a large number of V-belts or whose axis is perpendicular to the ground.

The Features Of Car Serpentine Belt

CR-Serpentine belt has excellent heat and oil resistant.

Not only bear to bend but bear the ozone aging beteer the general unsaturated rubber.

High transmission efficiency under the operating environment of high-speed ratation,reverse fiexure small band pulley,etc.

Bearing higher horizontal pressure, incrementing to bear to press function, decreasing the stress deformation after adding short fiber reinforcement.

Dimension Of Serpentine Belt Section



Angle of rib

Belt thickness

Rib number

Length range
















We can offer Car Timing Belt for American cars ,German cars, Japanese cars, Korean cars, French cars,such as chevrolet serpentine belt, dodge serpentine belt, infiniti serpentine belt, isuzu serpentine belt,jaguar serpentine belt, land rover serpentine belt, peugeot serpentine belt.it's easily to search the belt which you need by simple two ways: searching by OEM No. of Car V belt or searching by brand of CAR from the searching box in first page.


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