Outdoor LED Display

Why Chooseoutdoor led display panels?

F Series

AOTO F Series products as the first outdoor SMD led video display boardin the world, are with mature production processes and technologies as well as stable performance. The patented mask design brings high contrast and large viewing angle, while the 20-bit processing depth and cutting-edge calibration technology help to produce real and vivid images.

MXC Series

MXC Series is die-casting aluminum structure, light weight and can be used for seamless right angle splicing and kinds of shape seamless splicing. Patented mask design, special cooling system and the professional front access tool make a new standard for LED display industry.


8K control and 24-bit color process depth: AOTO's 8K 24-bit LED control system has the largest capacity, and highest color processing depth in the world. With super large 8K loading capacity, 24-bit color processing depth and super gray scale processing capability, with the best color reproduction and super high resolution, maximizing advertising impact and brand reputation.

HDR Wide Color Gamut: Through the HDR controller to adjust the gain and the parameters of our LED color gamut, achieve the high contrast of showing performance with better color reproduction.

Brightness & Chroma Pixel-level calibration: Color calibration is a core technology which is used to enhance the bright uniformity and color fidelity of the outdoor led display. Collecting each pixel (or each color sub-pixels) brightness region (and color) data and getting the correction coefficient for each sub-matrix color or correction coefficient matrix for each pixel, the data are fed back to the control system of the display and the system apply the result to respectively driving each pixel (or each color sub-pixel), the led display board controllerimage color gets real restore finally.

LED Software - AOTO LEDConstructor: AOTO software is designed for installation and events application, which has friendly and easy operation interface. Based on customer requirements study, we also include unique features, such as edge compensation and flexible configuration.

E Series

The E series targets both indoor and outdoor applications. The pixel pitch varies from 1.8-20mm that provides an optimal viewing distance from 3-20 meters which satisfies most of the applications. High-end and economic solutions are launched to meet different clients' needs. The E series is characterized with the following features: high IP standard, energy-saving, high image quality, power/data backup, front-rear installation and access, large format, light-weight and easy installation. It is a perfect choice for digital media, transportation, conference center, control room, command center, TV studio, commercial complex, etc


Energy Saving

High IP standard

Robust mechanical structure

Unique structure design for front or rear access

Multiple shaped installation (right angle, arc)

Patented black mask for ultra-high contrast ratio


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