Control Rooms

Control Rooms

Control real-time conditions, actively respond to demand and dispatch resources quickly

What Does Control Room Mean?

In an increasingly developing society, the control room has been divided into control rooms of different scales and functions according to different industries such as public safety, rail transportation and airports. In the face of daily operation scheduling and emergencies, all departments need to respond quickly and make professional judgments. Therefore, the relevant personnel in the command room will have a comprehensive understanding of the on-site situation through the command and control system, scientifically mobilize various resources, maintain daily operations, and make sure emergency rescue work can be carried out in an orderly manner.

Featured Benefits of Control Rooms

Control rooms spread all over the world, whether it is a small emergency call room or a large command room, they all use the command and control systems. The command and control systems can display locations, personnel distribution, CCTV cameras, and other resources on a single GIS map in real-time, and commanders can use the system to analyze field conditions and reasonably deploy personnel.


Interconnection with Tetra, DMR, LTE, Analog Radios, public networks, etc., providing seamless command control and communication across different agencies via voice, video, and data.


Instant identification of risks and warnings, and automatic recommendation of response unit and resources, greatly shortening the response time.


Easy integration to 3rd party platforms and applications, such as CCTV intelligent traffic, city dashboard and social media.


Intelligent functions like auto pre-plan and automatic caller selection and so on tremendously save time and effort for officers, facilitating decision making and working efficiency.


Real-time display of incident location, police force distribution, CCTV cameras, and other resources on a single GIS map. Visualized statistics of historic incident data and police force deployment.

Different types of Control Rooms

Public Safety

Using a variety of scheduling platforms, as well as a variety of applications such as positioning, video backhaul and face recognition, support the entire process of the main work scope in the field of public safety, from daily incident handling, major incident dispatching to major event and security.


From land transportation, air transportation to sea transportation, the orderly and safe operation of a large number of transportation hubs is inseparable from the scheduling of the control room. The control room integrates the visual dispatch system, network management system and transportation traffic signal system to realize the communication between dispatchers, staff inside and outside the station, and drivers, to ensure the on-time operation of flights and rapid response to emergencies.


For energy collection and energy processing, real-time monitoring by the control room is required. The control room can monitor and control the energy collection and various processing links in real-time. At the same time, the visual dispatching system is used to maintain communication with the on-site collection, maintenance and other staff to ensure smooth energy collection, processing and rapid response to emergencies.

Fast Deployment

Rapid deployment solutions enable frontline personnel to perform flexible network deployments in complex environments. Among them, the on-site command and dispatch center can provide immediate on-site response. It integrates command and control, map and video surveillance to provide the most comprehensive information in a visual way. It also supports multiple links to interconnect and collaborate with command centers in remote areas.

Hytera's Control Rooms

Through rich experiences in the public safety and general utility industries, Hytera provides a full spectrum offering that covers products and solutions in areas of command and control and helps police officers, firefighters, energy, and traffic sectors to improve their situational awareness capability and implement faster and more precise response.

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