Rotor Head 9050-191L for DELPHI

Being in the business line for years, we have already gained an accolade from a long list of clients in worldwide. And our intensive knowledge in our domain also helps us to be ahead in the domains.


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TEL:  86-594-2650550  

CELL: +8613799690614




Some of the products as below:

7123-340R4/8.5LDPA7123-340S4/8.5RDPA7123-340T4/9LDPA7123-340U4/9RDPA 7123-340W4/9.5RDPA7123-345U6/9RDPA7123-909T6/9LDPA7139-130T4/9LDPA7139-235G3/8RDPA7139-360U6/9RDPA7139-709W3/9.5RDPA7139-764S3/8.5RDPA7139-764T3/9LDPA7139-92Y6/10RDPA7180-572Y6/10RDPA91Y6/10RDPA908V6/9.5LDPA7180-600L4/7RDPA7180-650S3/8.5RDPA7180-647U4/9RDPA7180-611W3/9.5RDPA7180-613W3/9.5RDPA7180-655L6/7RDPA7180-668W4/9.5RDPA7180-819U4/9RDPA7180-965L4/7RDPA7180-977S3/8.5RDPA7183-125L4/7RDPS7183-156L6/7RDPS7183-165L4/7RDPS7183-129K4/7LDPS7183-136K4/7LDPS7185-114L6/7RDP2007185-196L6/7RDP2007185-197L4/7RDP2007185-913L3/7RDP2007185-917L6/7RDP2007185-918L4/7RDP2007189-376L4/7RDP2009050-191L4/7RDPA9050-228L4/7RDP2009187-210A3/7RDP200344W4/9.5RDPA641L4/7RDPA645L4/7RDPA698U4/9RDPA800L CI4/7RDPA547L4/7RDPA727L6/7RDPA927S3/8.5RDPA976L3/7RDPA15L4/7RDPS528K4/7LDPS215L SI4/7RDP200215L CI4/7RDP200511L SI6/7RDP200511L CI6/7RDP200039L4/7RDP200627L3/7RDP200


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