Engine Nozzle 0 433 271 471, DLLA134S999 for BOSCH

China Balin Power Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer specialist in diesel engine parts.With the decades export experience, we keep the international standard step and testing technical.If you are interested in any diesel injection parts, please contact us.We really hope we can start business.The customer’s satisfaction is our pursuit.

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Below are some of products in the market:

0433271465 DLLA150S975 FIAT
0433271466 DLLA142S926 MERCEDES-BENZ
0433271467 DLLA144S982 RENAULT
0433271471 DLLA134S999 MERCEDES-BENZ
0433271473 DLLA150S1008/ CASEIH
0433271478 DLLA140S1003 MERCEDES-BENZ
0433271480 DLLA140S1017 FIAT
0433271481 DLLA145S1018 BAUDOUIN
0433271482 DLLA145S1019 BAUDOUIN
0433271486 DLLA131S1035 MERCEDES-BENZ
0433271487 DLLA136S1034 MERCEDES-BENZ
0433271494 DLLA150S1052/ CASE
0433271499 DLLA136S1094 MERCEDES-BENZ
0433271502 DLLA142S1096 KOMATSU
0433271507 DLLA131S1131 MERCEDES-BENZ
0433271508 DLLZ156S1134
0433271515 DLLA137S1157 MERCEDES-BENZ
0433271518 DLLA142S1173 MERCEDES-BENZ
0433271520 DLLA35S1190 MAN
0433271521 DLLA138S1191 SSANGYONG
0433271524 DLLA134S1199 MERCEDES-BENZ
0433271588 DLLA134S1199+ MERCEDES-BENZ
0433271529 DLLA139S1235 IVECO
0433271530 DLLA140S1236 IVECO
0433271534 DLLA142S1257 MERCEDES-BENZ
0433271573 DLLA149S774W
0433271576 DLLA150S1304
0433271600 DLLA150S1311
0433271602 DLLA135S1309 IVECO
0433271614 DLLA160S1305 RENAULT
0433271616 DLLA143S1302 IVECO
0433271624 DLLA148S1298 VOLVOPENTA
0433271625 DLLA150S1295 RENAULT
0433271626 DLLA143S1292 IVECO
0433271627 DLLA136S1289 DAEWOO
0433271632 DLLA152S1280 DAF
0433271635 DLLA152S1277 DAF
0433271638 DLLA148S1272 VOLVO


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