LED Light Bulbs for Outdoor Fixtures

The utility model relates to an LED light bulbs for outdoor light fixtures, comprising a bulb head and LED bulbs. The bulb head is provided with a drive circuit and a heat radiator, wherein the heat radiator is provided with a bulb cover which is provided with a through hole the size of which is matched with a lens.

The LED bulb lights outdoor with reasonable outdoor light price are arranged on an aluminium soleplate and are corresponding to the aluminium soleplate, and each LED bulb is covered with the lens. The heat radiator comprises an auxiliary heat radiator and a U-shaped main heat radiator, wherein the auxiliary heat radiator is embedded in the main heat radiator; the aluminium soleplate and the bright outdoor LED light bulbspenetrate through the heat radiator to be installed on the bottom of the main heat radiator; and the auxiliary heat radiator is also provided with dead holes for installing the aluminium soleplate and the decorative outdoor LED light bulbs, or dead grooves with superior cambered cross-section.

Low voltage landscape led bulbs are absolutely safe and reliable.

Led light bulbs for outdoor lightsare absolutely energy-saving and can be lit by solar energy without a power grid. The LED bulb has wide range of applications as outdoor led daylight bulbs, outdoor led flood light bulbs daylight, outdoor led light bulb replacementand outdoor led porch light bulbs. According to its power, there are 12 volt led outdoor light bulbsand 2 watt led bulb outdoor.

The clear led outdoor light bulbsare suitable for courtyard landscape gardens and are placed where safe light sources are needed because it is particularly safe. The size, specification and color of light bulbs for integrated LED lighting can be customized according to customer requirements. As one of outdoor lighting manufacturers, we are devoted to providing the brightest led flood light bulb outdoor and best services for our customers.

12v Landscape Light Bulb Types

G4 Led Bulb

G4 LED bulb is easy to install, with high luminous intensity, long-distance and uniform luminous intensity. The voltage and lamp cap of G4 LED bulb can be determined according to customer requirements. G4 LED bulb is green and environment-friendly. The light does not contain ultraviolet and infrared rays, which is conducive to recycling and utilization.

MR8 Led Bulb

Mr8 LED bulb is an ideal key lighting product, especially suitable for occasions requiring dimming. It saves more than 80% energy and shortens your return on investment. The MR8 LED bulb has a life of 40000 hours, which reduces maintenance costs.

MR11 Led Bulb

MR11 LED light bulb are widely used in shopping malls, families, conference rooms, exhibitions and advertising lighting. MR11 led adopts super bright LED spotlight, which is safe, efficient and energy-saving. MR11 LED Lights have long service life and high luminous efficiency. Reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment. MR11 LED bulb is made of solid-state, shockproof and durable aviation aluminum alloy without infrared radiation.

MR16 Led Bulb

The luminous flux of MR16 LED bulb is 270 lumens, which is equivalent to about 35W of halogen lamp, with obvious energy-saving effect. The service life of MR16 LED bulb is more than 30000 hours. MR16 LED bulb is energy-saving, environment-friendly, fashionable and high-grade. It has a wide range of applications, including counters, storefronts, Exhibition cabinets and other parts requiring key lighting.

PAR 36 Led Bulb

Par 36 LED bulb has excellent quality and favorable price. It is applicable to the lighting of various stages, theatres, film and television halls and nightclubs, or some are also used for the lighting of hotel lobby and pool lamps. The service life is up to 2000 hours and the later maintenance cost is low.

Light Bulbs for Outdoor Fixtures FAQs

Why are LED bulbs better? What are the advantages of LED lights?

First of all, the most important thing is the convenience of its use and replacement. In rural areas or older houses, the original is to use bulbs or energy-saving lamps. It is very simple and convenient to directly replace them with LED low-voltage outdoor bulbs. Due to the easy-to-use and easy replacement of LED bulbs, many people will give priority to the decoration of new houses. After all, it should be considered that the outdoor landscape light bulbs can be easily replaced when they are broken in the future.

Secondly, light bulbs are widely used. Many lamps such as table lamps, floor lamps, living room chandeliers, crystal lamps and wall lamps use LED bulbs as light sources. The cost of these lamps is not cheap, the main cost is on the lamp body, and the cost of light source is low. The LED bulb is used as the light source. When the light source is broken, the light source can be replaced at low cost without the maintenance of the whole lamp, which reduces the maintenance cost.

Finally, due to a large number of LED bulbs, compared with other lighting products, the new exterior lights with outside light bulbs LEDare much cheaper and cost-effective.

Can LED bulbs be used with dimmer controls?

Yes and No. First, not all LEDs are dimmable. The driver must be designed to allow dimming. Secondly, you must purchase the right type of dimmer. Most retail stores now carry dimmers specifically designed for LED bulbs. Please note, if you purchase a non-dimmable LED bulb and try to dim it, it will cause the bulb to fail and also void the warranty.

Can LEDs be used in outside lights?

What are LED Lights and do they save energy?

All our LED lights and bulbs are energy-saving that are designed to replace incandescent, fluorescent, CFL, metal halide, high-pressure sodium, and halogen lights in your office, facility, or business. They will reduce your energy consumption by at least 50%, and as much as 80%, depending on the light you choose and the light we are replacing. With LEDs lasting up to 100,000 hours, we can also reduce your maintenance on your lighting.

What is color temperature and which one should I choose?

Definition of color temperature: a unit of measurement indicating the color component contained in the light. Blackbody temperature refers to the color of absolute blackbody after heating from absolute zero (- 273 * c). After being heated, the blackbody gradually changes from black to red, turns yellow, turns white, and finally emits blue light. When heated to a certain temperature, the spectral component of the light emitted by the blackbody is called the color temperature at this temperature.

Let's start with some basic knowledge. The human eye's perception of light is in a very limited range of visible light. In the field of white light, the human eye can perceive different feelings at different color temperatures. For example, 2700k and 3000K warm white perception are very warm colors. This color temperature is more suitable for people to use when they relax or rest, such as bedrooms, cafes and other places. 4000K, neutral white, more suitable for business occasions, so it won't be too warm and exciting. 5000K and 6000K belong to the range of cold white light. This color temperature gives a very spiritual and exciting feeling. This color temperature is suitable for shopping malls, offices, schools and public places with a large number of people. The specific color temperature is selected according to their own needs and the place of application.

Usage Warning of Exterior Smart Bulbs

Life-long exposure of the retina and lens to blue peaks from LEDs can increase the risk of cataracts and age-related macular degeneration.

There are many led bulbs for outdoor fixtures in our life. If they are installed for different purposes, they generally include energy-saving lamps and fluorescent lamps, or more intelligent smart bulbs for outdoor, which can send light in the dark. The key to the installation of intelligent induction lamp is that it is a smart person. The intelligent induction lamp can reduce the problem of forgetting to turn off the lamp, and it will not turn on automatically. Reduce the problem of forgetting to turn off the light, it will not light automatically.

Pay attention to the following problems when using smart bulbs:


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