China MR11 LED Landscape Bulbs

The ones beginning with MR are small spotlights with direct-insertion local lighting. Usually, MR11 LED landscape bulbshave two pins, which is easy to install. MR11 LED lights has a better direct effect. The common bulb pitch of MR11 smart bulbis generally 4mm.

Also, the outdoor LEDbulblights outdoor we produced for landscape lights are low voltage for safety. As a good and responsible MR11 LEDbulbsupplier, we offers high quality low voltage bulbs for outdoor lighting. If you are interested in our products, you can fill out the form below and contact us. We will negotiate with you at a MR11 led landscape bulbs price.

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MR11 LED Lights Package Information

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Benefits of Using MR11 LED lamps

Replacing traditional light bulbs is the largest application market for LED MR11 in the next few years. From the application point of view, including display lighting, commercial industrial lighting, outdoor lighting, indoor lighting, light bulb replacement, etc., MR11 led light bulb will be the most important application market of LED lighting in the next few years.

What to Consider When Choose landscape bulbs, MR16 MR11 Lamps?

Landscape lighting uses different shapes, different light colors and brightness to create a scene. Landscape lighting according to the color of the building's exterior surface materials to choose a suitable light source to enhance the lighting effect, to create a unique mood, but also on different parts of a building to project different lights to emphasize the level of the building. If you have interests in buy MR16 led bulbs, please contact us.

Bulk Buy MR11 LED Light Bulb From Outdoorlightspro

Times are moving faster and faster, and landscape lighting is becoming more and more popular. Landscape light manufacturers have a lot of shapes, and it "interacts" with people more and more frequently, just as we see in our daily lives similar to the combination of water features and lighting scenes. Of course, MR11 smart low voltage landscape lighting replacement bulbsthose who can "interact" with the landscape lights, are high style landscape lights.


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