Glass Bead Thermistor, Single-ended Glass-sealed Thermistor

As one of the leading industrial sensor suppliers, TOPOSwas founded in 2003. In the beginning, it is the first company that can mass-produce the most stable glass-bead type thermistors. Ten years sharpening a sword, TOPOS becoming the high-tech company in this field. Our main products are NTC chips, NTC type thermistors (negative thermistors), Temperature sensors, Humidity/Gas sensors, widely applied in the green-car industry, smart home appliances, electronic thermometer, ... etc.

Glass Bead Thermistor

Specification/model format: MTG2-1/2/3/4


Material: semiconductor ceramic resistor chip / high-efficiency conductive Dumet wire/glass

Applicable temperature range:-50~300℃

Output signal: analog signal output


  1. MTG2-1/2/3/4 series products are radial lead single-ended glass package type
  2. Good stability and high reliability
  3. Wide resistance range: 2KΩ to 500KΩ
  4. High resistance and B value accuracy
  5. Glass package, can be used under harsh conditions such as high temperature and high humidity
  6. Small size, sturdy structure, easy for automatic installation
  7. Operating temperature range -50℃ to +300℃
  8. Fast heat induction and high sensitivity


  1. Temperature control and temperature detection of household appliances such as induction cooker, electric pressure cooker, rice cooker, electric oven, disinfection cabinet, water dispenser, bead type thermistorand our ntc glass encapsulated thermistor 86k ohmisalso suitable for microwave oven, electric heater, etc.
  2. Temperature detection and temperature compensation of medical equipment (such as copiers, printers, etc.)
  3. Temperature control and testing of industrial, medical, environmental protection, meteorological, and food processing equipment
  4. Temperature protection of rechargeable battery pack and charger
  5. Temperature compensation of instrument coils, integrated circuits, quartz crystal oscillators and thermocouples

General parameters









B value(R25/R50)













Note: What is the B value:

A material constant that describes the resistance-temperature relationship. The value of B can reflect the scale of resistance to temperature change between two specific temperatures. As the temperature changes, the resistance value of a product with a large B value under the same conditions changes more, that is to say, it is more sensitive.


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