Mini Drone- Smart M3

Mini Drone- Wifi Smart DroneM3

Science fiction is the future of RC drone, smart was born with it. Advanced chip technology was applied to smart creatively. Smart, which is the best choice of all drone-lovers, is designed by an award-wining design team in China.



App Control


3D Rolling 360°

Real-time image transmission

Headless mode

One key takeoff/Landing

High/Low Gear

High class equipment

Golden ratio designed for indoor & outdoor

HD Camera

Wanna capture every wonderful moment? Smart make your dream come true. Record your life from various angles.

Pressure system

Hovering controlled by the advanced pressure system, which is different from the past drone. It is difficult and inconvenient to realize hovering under non-pressure system. For the past 6 years, our team has up-grated the technology and make it easier for beginners.

Real-time image transmission

WIFI connection for the control of flight and photograph.

Real-time image transmission provides you the God’s view.

Watch and record what you want.

Mobile & Tablet APP-WIFI

WIFI connection controlled by mobile & tablet makes it easier and convenient.

WIFI connection is hotspot foe the saving of data.

High/ Low Gear

High/ low gear control makes it more stable in strong wind.

Headless Mode

Always controller- center regardless any time and any angles.

One Key 360° Rolling

One key 360° rolling during hovering under the help of 6 axles gyroscope which will maintain balance.

No fear at night

Built-in 4 LED lights makes it unimpeded at night.


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