FPV Drone Battery

RoHS and CE quality testing standards

fueled by LiPo battery

worry-free of safety

FPV 4s Drone Battery

For most drone newbies, the best racing drone batteryis very important to know how to choose a Lipo battery for your drone, multi-rotors are fueled by LiPo battery, they are able to store and deliver large amount of power.

Since they're made of individual cells, the battery you buy ends up having the voltage of all the cells combined. So, if you get 3S batteries, they will be 12.6v charged, and 11.1v discharged. 4S will be 16.8v charged and 14.8v discharged. If it's not clearly labelled, you will be looking for the label "11.1v" or "14.8v" on a battery to determine if it's a 3S or 4S. You never ever never want to fly a battery down to 0v. This is why you use certain gear to monitor battery voltage while flying.

Commonly for 5-inch mini-quads, 1300mAh to 1800mAh are the most popular batteries, although the sweet spot is usually 1300mAh or 1500mAh. Smaller capacity batteries work fairly well for lightweight builds because they weigh less, so the drone needs less power when flying, but they do reduce flight time. Higher capacity batteries increase flight time, but make the quad heavier, meaning it needs more juice to stay in the air anyway. This is why 1300 or 1500 mAh is the sweet spot. They have enough capacity to have good flight times and are also light enough to not put the capacity to waste on heavy lifting.

We always be strict of product quality, all of the rc drone battery complies with RoHS and CE quality testing standards, worry-free of safety.

Please Attention:

► For the RC UAV battery, only if the voltage and the plug match, then it will fit.

► Please stop charging immediately when the cell voltage been charged to 4.2v (Normal cell voltage is between 3.7v~4.2v).

► To double make sure safety, please have a check first whether the battery surface is alright when you get it and whether the voltage is normal before using.

► If the new fpv drone battery won’t hold a full charge or loss the charge very quickly in short time, please use Balance Charger to charge and recycle several times first

As one of the most famous company in China, Shenzhen TitanFlying Technology Co., Ltdcan offer you the best price and products.As we all know UAV drones are now more and more popular used for both military and residential use. UAVs have lots of advantages, such as low cost, more effective, no risk of casualties, good maneuverability and easy to use. They play an extremely important role in modern warfare and have a bright future in residential fields. UAVs can be used for mapping, surveying, meteorological exploration, air traffic control, border patrol monitoring, and plant protection and so on. UAVs are constantly developing and improving, and will occupy a very important position in the future.


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