CMT03 Ebike Mid Motor

The structure of the mid motoris much more complicated than hub motor. Mid motor also requires clutches, drive shafts, and other components. The power is output to the rear wheels. It is directly connected to the cranks and gears, which can get more power.

Features of ShengyiCMT03E-bike Mid Motor

Integrated controller, high precision torque sensor

Powerful, strong climbing capability, light

High efficiency, safe, reliable and excellent performance

Modular installation

Customized motors

Application of CMT03 E-bike Mid Motor

The Specialized CMT03 motor offers 110Nm of torque and 250 peak watts. Specialized design brings this motor to work especially well for the bikes.

CMT03 motor designed specifically to give you nice feel of riding MTB, offering stable, smooth power, one of the lightest motors on the market.

Compared with hub motors, even other mid motors, this kind of motor is very silent, compact and offers high torque for the ebikes.

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