Dimmer Switches

The car headlight switchare basically integrated on the lever switch on the left side of the steering wheel, but also there are exceptions. The headlight switches of some models are knob type. As long as it is screwed or dialed to the designated position, the corresponding exterior lights will light up, and the dashboard will also light up the corresponding signs. Generally speaking, low beam and high beam are called car headlights.

What Are the Symptoms of a Bad Dimmer Switches ?

Problem of Mode Switching

Dimmer Switches controls the function of vehicle headlamps. They are the part of vehicle combination switch lever and mounted on the steering column, also buttons or knobs mounted inside the vehicle. They control the vehicle's interior lights, driving lights, low beam lights and high beam lights. For some vehicles, they also control the automotive headlamp system. Like all electrical parts, they will wear out and need to be replaced if used frequently. There are symptoms if dimmer switches are going bad or faulty, that require drivers to pay attention to potential problems may have.

One of the most obvious symptoms of dimmer switches failure is the switching problem happen in headlamp modes. If the dimmer switches are faulty or worn, they may cause problems in headlamp operation. Damaged switches may only operate in certain modes or may cause them to open and close intermittently and erratically. Any problem caused by lighting system may become to be a potential safety hazard as the reduction of lighting and visibility.

Problem of High Beam

Another symptom of faulty dimmer switches is a problem of keeping the high beam lamps engaged. For most of dimmer switches, usually locking them in place to activate the high beam headlamps by pulling the rear lever. However, the switch may break and lead to the problem of keeping the high beam on as time going on. A faulty switch may still be able to turn on the high beam, but also may loosen and cause the high beam to disengage.

Problem of Lights Are Not on

The last symptom is that lamps don't work at all if dimmer switch fails completely. And no lights are turned on in any mode when you try to turn on headlights. It is dangerous to drive a vehicle without any lights, especially in weak light or at night.

It may have same symptoms caused by other problems. But please you should check them first when you have doubt about dimmer switches and ask help from professional technician. Dimmer Switches from MAPMS with quality assurance and factory prices.

The Advantages of Installing Dimmer Switches

You can reduce the light output, which helps the light bulbs last longer. This also means you don't have to replace the bulbs as often. As a result, dimmer switches can help you save on your utility costs and minimize the costs related to replacing the bulbs.

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