PVDF Filter Cartridge

High-precision single-layer hydrophilic PVDF filter membrane developed by Deyizhou Company is adopted in the product as filter media. The product is produced by overall structure sweat welding. is provided with excellent filtration performance and ability for completely intercepting bacteria. The product meets the most severe particle removal filtration and sterilization filtration.

Featuresof :

Hydrophilicmembrane with absolute filtration accuracy;

highly effective filtration area and low use cost;

widelychemical compatibility;

excellent applicability under high temperature condition;

used for proteinfiltration solution

Extremely low precipitates

Typical applicationsabout :

Filtration of chip grinding fluid in electronics industry;

Sterile filtration of biological products;

Sterile filtration of chemical raw materials, injections and other pharmaceutical industries;

Filtration of severe removal particles in chemicals and other industries;

Special ink filtration;

Organic solvent filtration;

Draft beer filtration


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