Residential Ceiling ERV/HRV With HEPA System-AG Series

Thenow residential ceiling mounted energy recovery ventilator-HEPA Series added HEPA filters after G3 or F7 filter which can prevent the fine particles high efficiently. We have a completely range of energy recovery ventilation systems offering different levels of air flows and filters to adapt to different HVAC systems.

Features of Residential Energy Recovery Ventilator With HEPA System-AG Series

Innovative high efficiency counter flow full heat exchanger

Two types available: G3 filter + HEPA filter and G3 filter + F7 filter + HEPA filter

218mm Ultra-thin design, save your space

High efficiency DC motor, low noise

Bypass is optional

Pre heating is optional

CO2 , VOC, PM2.5 and humidity sensors are optional

Sensible heat recovery unit is optional

Application of Residential Air Exchanger System With HEPA System-AG Series:

Residential building, Hospital, Offices and shops, Kindergarten, Schools, Hotels, Villa etc.

Thenow will strive to offer you erv ag, hrv with hepa filter,hepa hrvwith high quality.


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