Double Wires Nose Wire

The nose strip of the face mask plays a supporting role on the nose bridge and prevents dust from entering.

The Overview of Double Wires Nose Strip

The double wires nose strip can do help to face, especially nose. It isolates the dust, dirt and ash from face. It is mostly used as surgical masks. Different protective masks also need it. There are many types of nose wire and double wires nose strip is widely used.

The product has the advantage of safety and environmentally friendliness due to the unique formula of our company. It will not rebound after losing the external force. The existing shape can be kept unchanged.

The specification of double wires nose wire: Virgin 100% pp material, stainless steel wire or galvanized iron, 2.5-8.0mm width 0.9-1.2mm thickness

Nose Strip with Two Metal Features

There are various nose strips our company can produce, such as double wires nose strip. Other than nose strips of different materials, we can also produce strips of different width. There are some features of our nose strip: smooth, exquisite, bendable, no rebounding after being folded, well made, economical and gentle to hand. It has smooth surface for its virgin material. The out coating wire will not be exposed and rusted. We uses eco-friendly odorless polypropylene and polyethylene materials to ensure the follow-up treatment.

The double-wires nose strip produced by our company has various uses such as medical face mask, FFP2 three-dimensional face masks, cup-shaped mask and so on.

Two Metal Nose Strip Application

The double-wires nose strips from our company play an important role in different kinds of face masks, but especially in the surgical face masks and disposable face masks.

Benefit from the durability, our nose strips are able to retain good shape. Our products are also easy to use. We can provide nose strips with plastic spool or not according to client's request.

Wire Nose ClipTypes

According to the different materials, our nose stripes are mainly divided into one wire nose stripe, double-wires nose stripe, full plastic nose stripe, full aluminum nose stripe. They are all used for the nose bridge support strips of face masks, and easy to use, environmentally friendly, and play a very good auxiliary role for the face mask production factory in the world.

Nose Wire Description

The nose bridge wireis made by stretching and rolling with an injection molding machine without adding any chemical materials when producing. The product has the characteristics of softness, no burry, no injury to hands, and is conducive to environmental protection and recycling.

Professional Manufacturer & Supplier

We are a professional sensi factoryin Anhui, China for over 10 years. We produce good quality face mask raw material at good price. You will certainly find our product is what you are looking for!


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