Self Propelled Modular Transporter

SPMT: Self-propelled modular transporter, also known as a self-propelled modular trailer, which is mainly used for the transportation of heavy, huge, and special-shaped structures. The advantages of self-propelled modular transporter are flexible use, convenient loading and unloading, and the load capacity can reach more than 50,000 tons under the condition of modules mechanical assembly or free combination. The self propelled modular transporter for saleis widely used in manufacturing, petroleum, chemical industry, offshore engineering, bridge construction, and other engineering fields.

For mega engineering construction, the way of moving prefabricated segments and then transporting them to the site for general assembly is often adopted to effectively shorten the construction period and reduce the construction cost; If the modules are over-disassembled, it is conducive to transportation and lifting, but not convenient to general assembly as well as commissioning. If the self-propelled modular trailers are disassembled as little as possible, the single modules will be very huge but pose challenges in transportation and lifting. SPMT came into being under this demand.


self propelled modular transportation(SPMT) is mainly used for shipbuilding, petroleum, chemical industry, steel, and other engineering construction and equipment production. It has been used for medium, mega or heavy cargo transportation. According to different actual working conditions, different modules can be selected and combined into transport vehicles of various tonnage and forms to meet the needs of various working conditions. The modules can drive under the load bracket, lift the load with its jacking system, transfer it to any designated place and put down the load. This process does not require a crane or any other lifting equipment. The driving, lifting, and steering of the SPMT adopt the control and transmission form of "machine electric hydraulic" integration. The SPMT trailer is equipped with wireless remote control and a wireless emergency remote control, which has the same efficiency when driving forward or backward. Two or more modules can be combined and spliced, and one person can fully control the SPMT to complete different transportation tasks.

As one of the leading self propelled modular transporter manufacturersin China, Rui Trailer provides quality spmt for salethat comply with relevant national standards and specifications with high rigidity, high seismic resistance, and high precision; Excellent cold and thermal stability; The electric control system has the properties of shockproof, antimagnetic, waterproof and high-temperature resistance, and can reliably complete the mobile transportation of hull sections or other heavy goods in ship construction and other engineering construction. The utility self-propelled modular transporterfor sale has the advantages of simple operation, convenient maintenance, and a beautiful appearance. The safety protection devices are complete and reliable, with perfect automatic protection and alarm functions.


The first SPMT was born in 1983, designed and manufactured by Scheuerle, and delivered to Mammoet the next year. 30 years of running has not made them old. Now, these first SPMTs are still in service with Mammoet.

SPMT has made great progress since its birth. At present, the world's famous SPMT brands include Scheuerle (Germany), kamag (Germany), Nicolas (France), Goldhofer (Germany), COMETTO (Italy), etc., mostly European brands (the first three belong to TII group); In recent years, Rui trailer has developed rapidly in this field which has greatly promoted the localization process of heavy cargo transportation in China.

As a pioneer, Scheuerle's SPMT has spread all over the world, with total usage of more than 5500 axes. It is widely used in shipbuilding, petrochemical, nuclear power, aerospace, road and bridge engineering, and other fields. Now it has developed to the fourth generation. Due to the adoption of welding robot technology, the load capacity of SPMT per axle has increased from 40 t of the third generation to 48 T, and the control technology has reached a new level.

SPMT Composition

SPMT Module

SPMT modules have 2, 3, 4, and 6 axles specifications, among which 4 and 6 axles modules are the most common. The size design of SPMT is very particular. The module is 2.43 m wide, 5.6 m long (4-axle module), and 8.4 m long (6-axle module). It can be transported in standard 20 'and 40' containers. Some super mega engineering companies have a global business, but they may not have local branches, so it is necessary to transport the heavy equipment required for the project to the local. The transnational transfer of heavy equipment is generally a combination of ocean transportation and land transportation (highway and railway). The containerization of equipment can bring great convenience and save a lot of transportation costs, So as to achieve global rapid scheduling deployment, which was one of the original design objectives of SPMT.

Each axle line is composed of two pendulum axles. Each pendulum axle is equipped with two wheels (air-filled tire or solid tire can be selected). The center of the two wheels can swing at a certain angle along the center in the vertical direction, which can make the module compensate for the height of the ground in the transverse direction.

Self Propelled Modular Transporter

The module is controlled by the hydraulic system. The normal height is 1.5 m, and there is a lifting range of 350 mm up and down. Each tilting axle has an independent hydraulic suspension, but the hydraulic cylinders of several adjacent axles are connected in series into several groups of closed circuits. When passing through a ramp or uneven road, the pressure balance of the circuit cylinder can be used to automatically adjust the height of the hydraulic cylinder of each axle to adapt to the ground and make compensation longitudinally, which is combined with the horizontal compensation of the tilting axle. It can effectively adjust the load balance of each wheel to avoid individual tire overload. The lifting of the hydraulic system can also be manually controlled to facilitate the loading and unloading of goods. When the load is light or empty load, some axles can even be retracted without contacting the ground to reduce resistance.

SPMT can be configured with the following three types of pendulum axles:

Driven tilting axle - with hydraulic motor, it can obtain power from power unit PPU to drive SPMT;

Brake type tilting axle - no driving capacity, with compressed air braking device;

Driven pendulum axle - no driving capacity and braking device, only follow-up.

Power unit PPU

PPU (power pack unit) is the power source of SPMT and an independent module. There are several lifting hooks at the top for crane lifting; It can be seen that there are 4 universal wheels at the bottom, which is convenient for the PPU to be moved independently. Generally, the PPU is attached to the front of the SPMT module, and the two connectors on the top are equipped with hydraulic devices. Through expansion and contraction, the PPU can be tilted up by 11 ° at most, and the PPU can be prevented from touching the ground when the SPMT goes uphill. The model skillfully uses the rotation of the screw to simulate the expansion and contraction of the hydraulic device, and PPU can adjust the elevation angle perfectly on the model. In practical application, PPU can also be fixed above SPMT module, which is often due to the consideration of reducing the total length of SPMT.

Self Propelled Modular Trailer

The core components of PPU are composed of diesel engine, hydraulic pump, control panel, etc. while PPU is connected with SPMT module, it also includes of hydraulic oil pipe, compressed air pipe, control line, etc. The diesel engine drives the hydraulic pump and transmits the hydraulic power to the hydraulic motor driving the swing axle in the SPMT module through the oil pipe, so as to drive the SPMT to run. A PPU is not necessarily only used to drive one SPMT module, but also can drive multiple modules at the same time. These modules need to be connected with PPU with hydraulic oil pipe, etc.

Control Technology

numbers of SPMT modules can work together efficiently thanks to cutting-edge control technology. As long as it is at 600 m × Within 600 m, the modules are arbitrarily combined in the form of tight coupling or loose coupling, and the control technology can integrate all modules into a unified whole to manage and control.

What exactly is SPMT-- The strongest of land transportation, known as "land Hercules"

In the whole system, one transport module is selected as the main unit, all other units are connected to the main unit through the data line, receive the command of the main unit from the data line, and perform steering, driving, braking and other actions. The computer on the main unit uniformly manages all units, The operator can easily manage the whole SPMT cluster by holding a portable control panel and remotely controlling the computer of the main unit. Users can choose to use cable or wireless remote control.

Steering Control

The most intuitive benefit of control technology is accurate and flexible steering control. No matter the number of modules or the complexity of the combination mode, it will not become an obstacle to steering. The unified management of computers makes all wheels cooperate seamlessly and can make almost any steering action.

In the case of a single module, several typical steering actions are as follows: the steering with the rotation center outside the module; 360 ° rotation in place; Lateral driving; Drive diagonally. In the case of multi-module combination, the steering action is also flexible, for example, the T-type combination turns around the external rotation center; The ring combination rotates around the center or translates around.

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