YWB Shaftless Submerged Pump

Product Name: YWB Shaftless Submerged PumpProduct Category:Submerged Pump1.Product Overview1.Our company produces the YWB fluid under axial pump,Website:http://www.hpumpequipment.com, applying to under the condition of 85 ℃ ~ 350 ℃, transporting acid, oxidant and corrosive medium for any media for a long time. It is widely used in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, pesticide, electronics, electric power, electroplating, metallurgy, fire control, environmental protection, national defense, rare earth smelting industry, etc. Its submerged depth up to 8 m,is generally tens of times of shaft submerged pump,and its installation is very convenient, overcoming the original single-stage single-suction submerged pump is easily flexible deformation during the process of transporting installation.(the length of the pump shaft is equal to the liquid depth). Bearings is easy to damage, bushings are hard to maintain.2.YWB shaftless submerged pump is a new product designed according to the requirements of the chemical industry users, using mixed type self-priming pump structure for outside. except for the first time start, it needs to fill the pump body solution in the pump body,afterwards, no need filling water diversion or a row of vacuum,so it is convenient, safe. Mechanical seal produced by the British grand and domestic manufacturing company, reasonable structure, reliable performance, easy maintenance, save energy, is the ideal equipment in the factory construction of civilization, which can effectively solve the long axis flexible and leakage problems.3、For YWB pump series products, its production, manufacturing and acceptance standard, strictly implement the relevant standards and table test, for the record in dispute, to ensure the quality of products. The product adopt the F46, UHMWPE high poly (ethyl cr18ni12mo2ti Xi, 1 cr18ni9ti, 1, 0 cr18ni12mo2ti, Japan standard SUS321 SUS304, Japan standard, Japanese standard SUS304L, American standard, American standard 316 l, 316 CD4MCu, K alloy, Monel alloy, hartz B alloy, Ti alloy and all kinds of cast steel4.The full series have 5 models in total, 10 specification, head:10-25m, flow:3.6-400m3/h.2.Type MeaningsYWB Shaftless Submerged Pump Performance ParameterSpecification Flow  m3/hHead mSuctionmmSpitm mPower of Motor kwRotate speed r/minDeepth mShaft power kwEfficiency%25YWB-203.62025201.1290030.5262.932YWB-206.32032251.5290030.7767.532YWB-256.32532252.229003.51.2266.840YWB-25102540323290041.7570.240YWB-30103040324290042.1668.240YWB-40104040324290053.0464.550YWB-2512.52550405.529003.52.2672.450YWB-3012.53050405.5290062.7870.650YWB-4012.54050407.5290073.8867.450YWB-5012.55050327.5290085.0964.350YWB-6012.660503211290086.461.365YWB-25252565507.5290053.7775.865YWB-30253065507.5290054.6174.565YWB-402540655011290056.3572.165YWB-502550654015290068.2169.765YWB-602560654018.52900710.1867.565YWB-8025806540302900814.4863.280YWB-255025806511290058.279.780YWB-305030806515290059.9578.980YWB-405040806518.52900613.5577.380YWB-5050508050222900617.2875.780YWB-6050608050302900721.1474.280YWB-8050808050372900829.2971.4100YWB-25100251008018.52900510.1480.6100YWB-301003010080222900512.2979.8100YWB-401004010080372900616.6978.4100YWB-501005010065452900621.2377100YWB-601006010065452900625.9275.7100YWB-801008010065752900835.7473.2125YWB-4020040125100452900532.1581.4125YWB-5020050125100552900540.6780.4125YWB-6020060125100752900549.3871.5150YWB-4040040150125452900534.176.7150YWB-5040050150125551450543.7874.7150YWB-6040060150125751450553.9272.8150YWB-8040080150125901450575.6869.1200YWB-50400501501251101450582.5179.3200YWB-804008020015025014505138.975.3200YWB-10040010020015040014505179.4172.9


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