WSY Vertical FRP Submerged Pump

Product Name: WSY Vertical FRP Submerged PumpProduct Category: Submerged Pump1.Product Overview:Our company produces two types of pumps: WSY,Website:, FSY , 1. WSY type is vertical FRP submerged vortex pump. 2. The FSY type pump is vertical FRP submerged centrifugal pump, stretching into the storage tank,which has different depth. Design has a arbitrary choice between submerged depth of800 mm - 3000 mm. As long as the liquid is higher than the pump body, it is no need filling liquid to start to send liquid.Under the flat plate is equipped with the leakage hole, the liquid will not to tank leakage.This pump and parts in contact with the medium, are used with polyvinyl butyral modified phenolic glass fiber by high-temperature molding phenolic FRP parts. The connecting tube, fluid pipe adopting rolled semi dry process to produce phenolic glass steel pipe.The impeller shaft sleeve are used with phenolic daub and pump shaft sticking into an organic whole. Parts assembly under liquid phenolic daub binder stretch into into liquid under no metal contacted with the media, which has decay resistance performance , absolutely reliable. Products has light weight, high strength, deformation, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and other excellent properties, and it can partly replace in the field of anti-corrosion molybdenum stainless steel, titanium and titanium alloy and other precious metals.Transmission and the direction of rotation of Pump: directly driven by motor through jaw elastic coupling; the pump is clockwise from the motor end.2、Main Uses:This pump is widely used in chemical, petrochemical, refining, dyestuff, pesticide, pharmaceutical, rare earth, fertilizer and other industries, carrying on the tank without containing suspended solid particles, not easily crystallized.Temperature is not higher than 100 ℃ oxidizing acid (hydrochloric acid, thin sulfuric acid, formic acid, acetic acid, butyric acid and other corrosive medium are most ideal equipment.3、Type Meaning:FSY, WSY Vertical FRP Submerged Pump (Installation  Dimension)No.NameQuantityMaterial1Import shower1glass fiber reinforced plastics3lower shaft sleeve1M105K graphite5The pump casing1glass fiber reinforced plastics7impeller1glass fiber reinforced plastics9back bushing1M205K graphite11pump spindle1NO.45 Glass fiber reinforced plastic steel outsourcing13sealing gland1glass fiber reinforced plastics15under the bearing block1HT20-40177208 tapered roller bearing1bearing steel19A10 gasket18A3217207 tapered roller bearing1bearing steel23spacer sleeve1HT20-4025NO.4 Elastic Block Store1rubber27motor bedplate1glass fiber reinforced plastics29M10*50 hexagon bolt4A331M22*15 round nut2NO.45 steel33A6 gasket12A335M10 Anticorrosion nut18A3 glass steel tile37M10*90 stud6A3No.NameQuantityMaterial2Impeller and cap1A3 glass steel tile4lower bushing1M205K graphite6Pump casing gasket1Chlorine rubber8on the pump body1The integration of a glass fiber reinforced plastic10upper shaft sleeve1M106K graphite12sealing packing1braided asbestos square packing14Pedestal(Flat seal)1glass fiber reinforced plastics16oil seal1oil resistant rubber18M10*35 hexagon bolt2A320bearing pedestal1HT20-4022On the bearing block1HT20-4024NO.4 Pump coupling1glass fiber reinforced plastics26NO.4 electrical machine coupling1glass fiber reinforced plastics28B5 electromotor122KW-4KW30M10 hexagon bolt8A332M6*25 hexagon bolt12NO.35 steel34M10*70 hexagon bolt4A336M10 Anticorrosion nut18teflonNo.NameQuantityMaterial1Import shower1glass fiber reinforced plastics3impeller shim1teflon5lower bearing1M205K graphite7The pump casing1glass fiber reinforced plastics9impeller1glass fiber reinforced plastics11upper shaft sleeve1M106K graphite13pump spindle1NO.45 Glass fiber reinforced plastic steel outsourcing15gland packing112*12 graphite17foundation1glass fiber reinforced plastics19Glass fiber reinforced plastic bend18glass fiber reinforced plastics21S345*65*12 oil seal1oil resistant rubber23Middle seat1glass fiber reinforced plastics25shaft block1HT20-4027upper bearing gland1HT20-4029NO.2 Pump coupling4glass fiber reinforced plastics31NO.2 electrical machine coupling2glass fiber reinforced plastics33M10*65 hexagon bolt10A335A12 gasket34A337M10*25 hexagon bolt12NO.35 steel39M12*65 hexagon bolt6A341M12 Anticorrosion gasket18teflonNo.NameQuantityMaterial2Impeller and cap1A3 glass steel tile4lower bushing1M106K graphite6gasket1teflon8Pump casing gasket1Chlorine rubber10On the pump body1The integration of a glass fiber reinforced plastic12upper bearing1M205K graphite14sealing socket1glass fiber reinforced plastics16gland1glass fiber reinforced plastics18Elbow pads2Chlorine rubber20Under the bearing block1HT20-40227208 bearing1ball bearing steels24motor bedplate1glass fiber reinforced plastics267207 bearing1ball bearing steels28spacer sleeve1HT20-4030NO2 Elastic1rubber32B5 electromotor14KW-15KW34M12 hexagon bolt18A336M24*15 round nut2NO.45 steel38A6  gasket12A340M12 Anticorrosion nut38A3Glass fiber reinforced plastic film42M12*85 stud8A3FSY,WSYVertical FRP Submerged Pump Performance ParameterTypeFlowHead (m)Rotate speed (r/min)powerN (Kw)Impeller Diameter (mm)suction lift (Hs)(m3/h)(L/S)25WSY-22a 2.88 4.05 6.480.80 1.12 1.8022 18 1529002.2120800 ~300025WSY-302.88 6.48 9.000.80 1.80 2.5230 20 152900312040WSY-2585.76 8.10 13.321.60 2.24 3.7025 20 152900414240FSY-228.10 15.84 20.002.24 4.4 5.5022 18 152900314040FSY-186.48 15.00 21.601.80 4.17 6.0018 15 1229002.213240WSY-50b 6.48 8.64 14.401.80 2.40 4.0050 45 3529007.514440FSY-3510 20 302.8 5.5 8.334 30 242900416250FSY*3530 45 558.3 12.5 15.135 32 2829007.518250FSY-35A25 35 457.0 9.7 12.526 25 2229005.516850FSY-2018 30 355.0 8.3 9.720 16 122900415080FSY-3556 92 11015.5 25.5 30.535 29 2529001518480FSY-35A45 69 9012.5 19.2 25.026 22 19290011163


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