Cast Steel Flange Ends Gate Valve 150LB~900LB

Cast Steel Flange ends Gate Valve 150LB~900LB ●RST Valve company is a industry valves manufacturer,Website:, including Thread & Flange Ball Valves, Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Check Valves, Y Strainers in stainless steel, carbon steel, cast steel, forged steel and alloy steel.●Gate Valve mainly has Thread 200WOG Gate Valve, API600 Flange ends Gate Valve, DIN F4/F7 Stainless Steel Flange ends Gate Valve, Carbon Steel Bellow Seal Gate Valve, Forged Steel A105 Gate Valve, 800LB Thread ends Gate Valve, F11/F22/F51 1500LB Flange ends Gate Valve, Butt Welded Gate Valve, Pressure Sealed Socket Welded Gate Valve, Flange ends 2500LB High Pressure Gate Valve, 150LB~900LB WCB Flange Gate Valve, Rising Stem Gate Valve, Non-Rising Stem Gate Valve, Gear Operated Gate Valve, Gate Valve with Pneumatic/Electric Actuator.Specifications:      Product Name Stainless Steel Flange Ends Gate Valve WCB/CF8M 150LB/300LB/600LB/900LB/1500LB1. MaterialSS304/316/304L/316L ( CF8/CF8M/CF3/CF3M), WCB, WCC, LCB,LCC,WC6,WC9, C5,C12, etc.2. Size1/2’'~48'' ( DN15~DN1200)3. Thread standardISO9001 & CE, TS4. PortFull Port5. Working Pressure150LB~1500LB6. Connection EndsRF, FF. RTJ, Butt Welded.7. Working Temp.-29~425℃, or according to customer requirements for different industry.8. Suitable MediumWater, Natural Gas, Oil and some corrosive liquid9. OperatedHandwheel10. Inspection & TestingAccording to API598Shipment  Delivery Time15~20 DaysPackageStandard Exporting Plywood CaseShipping PortNingbo/Shanghai, ChinaShipping TermsExw, FOB, CFR, CIF, etc.Payment TermsT/T, Western Union, PayPal, etc. 30% prepayment, 70% balance paid before shipping or against copy of BLCountry of OriginWenzhou city, ChinaProduction Capacity6000 ton/yearMOQ10 PCS/sizeFeatures: 1.Full port2.Outside screw and yoke3.Bolted bonnet4.Flexible wedge, fully guided integrated seats5.Rising stem and non-rising hand-wheel6.Tongue and groove between body and bonnetApplicable Standards: 1.Gate valves API 6002.Steel valves ANSI B16.343.Face to face ANSI B16.104.End flanges ANSI B16.55.Butt weld ends ANSI B16.256.Inspection and test API 598Technical Descriptions: Construction  The construction of steel gate valves of MSA corresponds to API 600 and BS 1414. Gate valves are yoke, flange or welded with unnarrow flow rate and with flexible or fixed wedge. Bodies, covers and yokes are cast. Wedges could be forged or cast. All wedges are guided. Sealing seats are bolted or welded into the body. Overlays in seats depends on Trim. Valves have rising non-rotative spindle and bolted joint of body-cover. Standard spindle threads are ACME2G-LH.  Operation with a handwheel. On the basis of mutual agreement, the gate valves can be operated by angle transmission, electric actuator or pneumatic actuator. For easier control the gate valve with larger diameters are equipped with bearings. Sealing material is pressed rings from expanded graphite and graphite plaited rings. The properties of gate valve packing meet the requirements of the directive Clean Air Act, Amendment from 1990. The gate valves can be also equipped with: drainage, venting, relief from inter-space and bypasses, on the special customer´s request.  Design Dimension  The dimensions of standard design are stated in the table below.  Material design  The gate valves are supplied in different material variants.  Assembly  The yoke gate valve can be assembled in any position into the pipeline.  Testing  The gate valves are subjected to pressure tests according to the standard API 598: on strength and tightness, tightness of backseat, closure tightness by low pressure, closure tightness by high pressure (on request).  Competitive Advantages: 1.Our products is guaranteed within 18 months after delivery.2.We offer free sample if interest before orders.3.Technology renovation, process improvement, structure optimization and quality improvement.4.Excellent after-sales service system, providing timely and optimal service, which help you to win the market.5.Convenient shipping sea port, and standard exporting carton boxes & plywood cases.6.100% inspection & testing before delivery.7.Third party inspection on customer requirement.150LB/300LB/600LB series:  Dimensions(mm) & Weight(KG): Valve Size CLASS 150 CLASS 300 CLASS 600 A B C Approx    .Wt A B C Approx   .Wt A B C Approx   .Wt Fl. B/W Fl B/W Fl. B/W Fl B/W Fl. B/W Fl B/W 50(2'')17821637620321192162163992032523292292399203423665(2-1/2'')1912414802293227241241505229483480(3'')203283480229352728328350522953413563565412546763100(4'')22930558425453433023056042547855432432635305119112125(5'')2543817502547564381381850356135105150(6'')2674037903058777403403850356158111559559874457252225200(8'')29241999635613911841941910394062341866606601044457418365250(10'')330457120540621019845745712654573552847877871285508652554300(12'')3565021410457302271502502146050849540083883814766101100984350(14'')38157215395084103657627621590508750620889889156561016001465400(16'')40661017525085204908388381791610958850991991206276219551760450(18'')432660195661069066591491421266861310107510921092206276220751840500(20'')457711215961090086599199122616861640152511941194304876221501960600(24'')5088132565686141013751143114326547622460207513971397315076236203180700(28'')610991316076220601750750(30'')61091434297623100285013971397426710164750850(34'')711365076233502950900(36'')711373476239803000172739751050(42'')813111842004500243844201200(48'')864111849906000900LB/1500LB series:  Dimensions(mm) & Weight(KG):      Valve Size CLASS 900 CLASS 1500 A B C Approx   .Wt A B C Approx    .Wt Fl. B/W Fl B/W Fl. B/W Fl B/W 50(2'')36836857022912811580(3'')381381700305138126470470720305255245100(4'')457457800356216196546546850356315285150(6'')61061011005084263757067061200508643570200(8'')7377371500508723625832832160050812581120250(10'')838838180076211731040991991195076220081760300(12'')96596520007621792161011301130215076229632580400(16'')113020007622535Standard Material Specification: Name WCB LCC LCB WC6 C5 C12 1BodyA216 WCBA352 LCCA217 LCBA217 WC6A217 C5A217 C122CoverA216 WCBA352 LCCA217 LCBA217 WC6A217 C5A217 C123Wedge variantsA182 F6a      A182 F316      A182 304      MonelA352 F316      A182 F6aA182 F316A182 F6aA182 F9      + overlayA182 F9      + overlayA216 WCB      + overlayA352 LCC      + overlayA352 LCC      + overlayA182 F9      + overlayA217 C5      + overlayA216 C12      + overlayA105+overlay      A351 CF8      A351 CF8M      A217 CA15A351 CF8MA351 CF8MA217 WC6      + overlay4SeatA105 B      + overlayA350 LF2 mod.      + overlayA350 LF2      + overlayA182 F5      + overlayA182 F5      + overlayA182 F321      + overlay5Bolt variantsA193 B7/B7MA320 L7MA320 L7MA193 B7A193 B7A193 B76NutA194 2H/2HMA194 7MA194 7MA194 2HA194 2HA194 2H7HandwheelASTM A47.A5368Gland flangeA1059Spindle nutA439 D2(Ni-resist)10Wheel nutASTm A4711Yoke nutCarbon steel12EyeboltA307 Gr B13Pincarbon steel14NutA194 2H15Grease boxcommercial16LabelAISI 30417Bearingcommercial18BoltA193 B719NutA194 2H20BoltA193 B721NutA193 2H22CoverA217 LCCA217 LCCA216 WCB23YokeA217 LCCA217 LCCA216 WCBStandard Material Specification: Name CF8M CF8C CF3 CF8 CN7M Gr.4A 1BodyA351 CF8MA351 CF8CA351 CF3A351 CF8A351 CN7MA890 Gr.4A2CoverA351 CF8MA351 CF8CA351 CF3A351 CF8A351 CN7MA890 Gr.4A3Wedge variantsA182 F304      A182 F316      MonelA182 F304      A182 F316      Monel      A182 F321A182 F304      A182 F316      MonelA182 F304      A182 F316      MonelAlloy 202205A351 CF8M      A351 CF8      A351 CF8M      + overlayA351 CF8      A351 CF8M      A351 CF8C      + overlayA351 CF8      A351 CF8M      A351 CF8      + overlayA351 CF8      A351 CF8M      A351 CF8      + overlayA351 CF7N      A351 CFN      + overlayA890 4A      A890 4A      + overlay4SeatA182 F316      + overlayA182 F316      + overlayA182 F316      + overlayA182 F316      + overlayAlloy 20      + overlay2205      + overlay5Bolt variantsA193 B8MA193 B8MA193 B8MA193 B8MA193 B8MA193 B8M6NutA194 8MA194 8MA194 8MA194 8MA194 8MA194 8M7HandwheelASTM A47. A5368Gland flangestainless steelstainless steelstainless steelstainless steelstainless steelstainless steel9Spindle nutA439D2(Ni-resist)10Wheel nutASTM A4711Yoke nutstainless steel12EyeboltA193 B8M13Pinstainless steel14NutA194 8M15Grease boxcommercial16LabelAISI 30417Bearingcommercial18BoltA193 B8M19NutA194 8M20BoltA193 B8M21NutA194 8M22CoverA351 CF8MA351 CF8CA351 CF3A351 CF8A351 CF7NA890 4A23YokeA351 CF8MNote: All the data should be confirmed with the approved drawings of manufacturer. RST VALVE is looking forward to strengthening cooperation with various sectors of society to create brilliancy together.MADE IN CHINA, FOCUS ON WORLD!


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