Zirconium Sponge

We are leading stockist of Zirconium sponge in China.Zirconium sponge Molecular formula:Zr Zirconium sponge Property: It is sliver grey granular metal and is of luster; melting point 1852 ℃,Website:http://www.petrosteels.com, boiling point 4377 ℃; Zirconium can absorb hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen easily. The chemical stability of Zirconium is more stable in the air. Zirconium sponge Uses: 1)Industrial grade zirconium sponge(Zr):Used in aerospace, metallurgy, electronics, alloy additives, corrosion-resistant equipment, Getter and other industries and products.2)Nuclear grade zirconium sponge(HZr):Mainly used in the nuclear reactor of nuclear power plants and military nuclear-powered submarines, nuclear aircraft carrier.  Zirconium sponge Packing: 1) Galvanized bucket: Sealed double plastic bags lined with bags filled with Ar. Net weight for each barrel is 100KG.2) Plastic bucket: Sealed double plastic bags lined with bags filled with Ar. Net weight for each barrel is 25KG.3) Packaged according to customer requirements if customers with special packaging requirements.Zirconium sponge Specification:              Brand              ZrChemical Composition,%Zr+HfHfNiCrAlMgMnPbTi≧99.4≤2.0≤0.010≤0.020≤0.03≤0.060≤0.010≤0.005≤0.005VCISiOCNHFe≤0.005≤0.06≤0..10≤0.1≤0.03≤0.010≤0.0125≤0.1Brand              HZrZrHfCoSnNiCrAlMgMn≧99.4≤0.010≤0.002≤0.005≤0.007≤0.020≤0.0075≤0.060≤0.005PbTiVCdFeClSiB≤0.010≤0.005≤0.005≤0.00005≤0.005≤0.060≤0.010≤0.00005HCuWMoOCN≤0.0075≤0.003≤0.005≤0.005≤0.10≤0.020≤0.005Stabilized Zirconia  Composite zirconium dioxide  1. Stabilized Zirconia Property: Nonpoisonous tasteless white powder. Chemical properties are stable and specific area can be controlled.  2. Stabilized Zirconia Uses: applied in all kinds of structure ceramics, electronic, electronic ceramics, sensitive ceramics, biological ceramics, high-grade fireproofing, partes of machine cutting tools, watch shell, joint of light fibre, solid fuel battery and son on.  3. Stabilized Zirconia Packing: Drum with plastic liner bag. Net weight 15kg/drum 20kg/drum 25kg/drum  4:Stabilized Zirconia Spec:Remark:ProductZr(Hf)O2Y2O3SiO2Fe2O3Na2OA2lO3CL~TiO2Ig.lossBulk density      g/m2 (min)%BETD50code(min)%(max)%(max)%(max)%(max)%(max)%(max)%(max)%m2/gµmOZ-3Y94.05.25±0.250.0200.0030.0050.23± ~ 15< 1.0OZ-3YG94.05.25±0.250.0200.005--0.23± ~ 1.456 ~ 15< 1.4OZ-3YB89.54.95±0.250.050--0.0100.23± ~ 15< 1.0OZ-3YBG89.54.95±0.250.050--0.0200.23± ~ 1.456 ~ 15< 1.4OZ-3YW94.05.25±0.250.0200.0030.005--0.10.0021.0--6 ~ 15< 1.0OZ-4Y92.67.2±0.250.0200.0030.005--0.10.0021.0----< 1.0OZ-8Y8613.5±0.250.0200.0030.005--0.10.0021.0----< 1.0Surface area & Particle size can be controlled according to customer’s requirements. Zirconium Dioxide  (Formula): ZrO2  1. Zirconium Dioxide Property: Nonpoisonous tasteless solid. There’re kinds of crystal phase, the monocline, the square and the cubic. Stabilize in alkali and acid solutions (except hot concentrated H2SO4, HF and H3PO4).  2. Zirconium Dioxide Uses: Applied in the products and industries as following: sophisticated ceramics, electronic components, additives glass, ceramic glaze color, imitation jewel, fireproofing, polishing materials  3. Zirconium Dioxide Packing:  1)Plastic woven bag with plastic liner bag. Net weight 25kg/bag  2)Paper barrel/drum with plastic liner bag. Net weight 25/drum  3)According to the customers' requirements to pack if they need special packing.Fused zirconia 1. Fused zirconia Property: light yellow powder with stable chemical performance  2. Fused zirconia Uses: it is applicable to various structure ceramics, ceramics pigment, fire resistance materials, nuclear power energy these industries and products.  3. Fused zirconia Packing: 1) 25 or 50kg polypropylene woven bag with polyethylene film as liner.  2) one ton of polypropylene woven bag with polyethylene film as liner.  4.Fused zirconia Specification: Product CodeZr(Hf)O2Fe2O3TiO2SiO2Al2O3D50ZCO-GF-1≥98.0≤0.08≤0.22≤1.2≤0.514~15.5umZCO-GF-3≥98.0≤0.08≤0.22≤1.2≤0.55~6umZirconium Silicate Zirconium Silicate Formula: ZrSiO4  1 Zirconium Silicate Property: Gray powder, chemical stability.  2 Zirconium Silicate Uses: Additives used in the glass, sanitary ware, tiles and other ceramic glaze, fine grain, a reasonable distribution, high brightness, low-reflection properties, Hiding Power strong, and in a variety of ceramic glaze in the dispersion of good , the emulsion is good, mobile and can be expensive to replace the tin oxide, zirconium dioxide. Has strong wear resistance and whitening effect.  3 Zirconium Silicate Packaging: Composite bag Net weight 25kg per bag 4 Zirconium Silicate Specification:      ProductSize(D50)Chemical Composition%OZ-S-11.2~1.5(µm)Zr(Hf)O2≥SiO2≤Fe2O3≤TiO2≤66.2340.050.10OZ-S-21.2~1.5(µm)65340.050.10Zirconium Oxychloride  ZrOCl2 8H2OZirconium Oxychloride Formula: ZrOCl2 8H2O  1. Zirconium Oxychloride Property: White or slightly yellow needle. Acid compound. Stabilize in water, methanol, ethanol and ether, slightly stabilize in acid and hydrofluoric acid. Not stabilize in other organic solvent.  2. Zirconium Oxychloride Uses: main material for other zirconic products. Be applied in spinning and weaving, leather craft, additive of rubber, surface agent for metals, dryer for coating, fireproofing, ceramics, catalyst, waterproof material and so on.  3. Zirconium Oxychloride Packing:  1 Heat-seal plastic bag as liner, woven bag as coat.  2 Net weight: 1000kg or 25kg per bag.  3 Special packing will be made to meet your requirements.  4 Zirconium Oxychloride Specification:      Product codeZr(Hf)O2      (min)%SiO2      (max)%Fe2O3      (max)%TiO2      (max)%Na2O      (max)%RemarksOZ-2-136.00.00050.00050.00050.0005high-purityOZ-2-235.00.0050.0020.0020.003ordinary The Zirconium sponge items which we can manufacture and supply are the followings.  Zirconium alloy  Zr sponge  Stabilized Zirconia  Zirconium Dioxide  Fused zirconia  Zirconium Silicate  Zirconium Oxychloride  Zirconium ingot  Zirconium balls  Zirconium wire  Zirconium powder  Zirconium Rod  Zirconium Rings  Zirconium Forgings  Zirconium pipe  Zirconium tube  Zirconium bars  Zirconium plates  Zirconium sheets  Zirconium Strip  Zirconium wire  Zirconium fitting  Zirconium Pipe Gasket  Zirconium seal ring  Zirconium Flange  Zirconium bolts  Zirconium nuts  Zirconium targetsONE OF THE KIND, MILLIONS OF CHOICES SUPERIOR QUALITY PROMPT DELIVERY FAVORABLE FEEDBACK ALL AVAILABLE IN PESCO SELECT PESCO, YOU WILL BE RIGHT For more info and price of Zirconium sponge, please send us inquiry and you will have quick reply soon.


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