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Welcome to purchase discount source switch valve from our company, which is one of the best China switch valve manufacturers and suppliers.Switch ValveRV/UV 2X0 series control valve is the process media regulation and role switch of high performance single seat valveProduct Code: 2014516153321Main features1) Valve is compact in structure and light in weight;2) The switch valve has a variety of types of spool type ----V port, porous, guiding device of the pressure balance valve;3) suitable for high temperature, high pressure difference and other harsh conditions;4) The body is not susceptible to flash and cavitation damage;5)good sealing performance, leakage of the highest level of VIlong service life;ApplicationValves are designed for metallurgy, non-ferrous metals, petrochemical, electric power, papermaking and natural gas industry, they also meet CSN-EN1127-1 9/1998 and CSN-EN 13463- 9/2002. Body material can choose ball type cast iron, cast steel and stainless steel. The material selection according to CSN-EN 1503-1 1/2002 (steel) and CSN-EN1503-3 (1/2002) (casting) standard. Various materials of the maximum working pressure and medium temperature MediumRV/UV 2 switch valve of control valve can be adjusted (RV 2 x 0) and off (UV 2 x 0) of liquid, gas and steam, and some other body material compatible medium. RV/UV 2 x 0 (Ex) control valve series can also be used to control and shutdown flammable gas and liquid.InstallationValve must be installed in the medium flow and arrow on valve body markers consistent. The valve can be installed in any position as long as actuator not under the body, when the medium temperature is higher than 150 DEG C should through the use of appropriate isolation pipe and valve or the body tilted to avoid the heat radiation and protects the actuator.Differential pressure△P value is to ensure the normal valve open / close under the function of the maximum differential pressure, to improve the valve service life is best not more than 1.6Mpa. Otherwise, according to the need to use with a hole or valve surfacing special hard alloy.Maximum allowable working pressure [Mpa]MaterialPNTemperature    120150200250300350400450500525550Copper 423135161.61.14------------------------------------------Cast steel 1.0619(GP 240 GH)161.601.501.401.301.101.000.80--------404.004.003.903.603.202.701.90--------Cast steel 1.0619(GP 240 GH)161.601.501.401.301.101.000.80--------404.004.003.903.603.202.701.90--------Cast iron EN-JL1040(EN-GJL-250)161.61.14------------------------------------------Cast steel 1.0619(GP 240 GH)161.601.501.401.301.101.000.80--------404.004.003.903.603.202.701.90--------Ductile cast ironEN-JS1025(EN-GJS-400-18-LT)161.501.401.401.301.10------------404.003.883.603.483.20------------Cast steel 1.0619(GP 240 GH)161.601.501.401.301.101.000.80--------404.004.003.903.603.202.701.90--------Chrome-molybdenum steel1.7357(G17CrMo5-5)----------------------404. Steel 1.4581GX5CrNiMoNb 19-11-2161.601.501.401.301.301.201.20----404.003.803.503.403.303.103.00Technical dataBody material Ductile cast iron EN-JS 1018(EN-GJS-400-10-LT)Cast steel 1.0619   (GP240GH)1.7357   (G17CrMo 5-5)Stainless steel1.4581(GX5CrNiMoNb19-11-2)Valve seat materialDN   15-501.4028/17023.61.4028   / 17023.61.4571/   17347.4DN   65-1501.4027/42   2906.51.4027/42   2906.51.4581/   42 2941.4Valve ball materialDN   15-501.4021/17027.61.4021/17027.61.4571/   17347.4DN   80-1501.4027/42 2906.51.4027/42   2906.51.4581/   42 2941.4Working temperature-20 ----300℃-20----- 500℃-20-----  400℃Connection standardRefer to below photo, as per CSN-EN 558-1(3/1997) standardFlange connection As per CSN-EN 1092-1(4/2002) standardFlange facing type B1 type RF or F type as per CSN-EN 1092(4/2002)Valve ball type With "V" type, pressure relief vent valve, specific shape valve ballFlow characteristics Linear, equal percentage, LDM Spline , quick openingKVS0.1-360 m3/hLeakage level IV level, as per CSN-EN 1349, <0.01﹪kvs  Metal-Metallic sealV level, as per  CSN-EN 1349, <0.001﹪kvs  Metal-PTFE sealLeakage level  (Ex series)VI level, as per CSN-EN 133060Regulation ratio100: 1 Packing   O type EPDM (Tmax=140℃)PTFE packing (Tmax=260℃)Graphite packing  (Bellows seal type Tmax=550℃)


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