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Welcome to purchase discount source piston actuator from our company, which is one of the best China piston actuator manufacturers and suppliers.Piston ActuatorF79U/E/D pneumatic actuators double-acting (air to air) and single acting (spring reset), 90 ° pneumatic operation Main features 1) Compact gear rack design, double piston big torque2) The output of this  cylinder actuatorThe single-piece piston rack drive can reduce the dynamic seal quantity, make the air leak to a minimum3) Double piston design eliminates the lateral negative on the gear shaft , so that the bearing wear to a minimum 4) Spring using epoxy paint and color coding, not only anti-corrosion effect, but also easy to identify5) Anode aluminum shell, and the external ESPC surface treatment, can prevent external corrosion caused by salty air, etc 6) Surface treatment: chemical nickel plating7) Hollow output drive shaft can be directly assembled in some applications to avoid the special connection, and ensure correct alignment8) To insert the piston friction pad at the bottom of the gear shaft ensures that there is no direct contact between metals, and make the operation more smoothly. It is the ideal option for adjusting the control or on/off control 9) Some specific model adopts a two-way adjustable stroke limit device10) Long life lubricating grease of pneumatic cylinder actuator11) ATEX certification II 2 G SpecificationsItemDescriptionProduct code201499182149Max pressure1.0 MPaRated for the pressure0.83   MPaOutput torqueUnder 0.55 MPaDouble-acting typeup to 2054 NmSpring return typeup to 1414 NmTemperature range- 30° C to + 90 ° CThe standard configurationApplicationThe Linear piston actuators are used for any rotary stroke application of remote control, such as ball valve, butterfly and plug valves, throttle damper, etc. AccessoryA variety of standard accessories can be installed directly to the Keystone actuator, including: a) Solenoid valve - protective solenoid valve, explosion-proof electricalmagnetic valve or the Ann type solenoid valveb) Limit switch box - protective, explosion-proof, or intelligent typec) Positioner - pneumatic positioner, electrical locator or intelligent positionerd) With clutch manual manipulation of the gear boxe) High visual indicator 


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