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Hong Kong china warehouseHongKong warehouseOur Hong Kong warehouse is with professional information andteam management. Providing Hong Kong Harbor declaration, sorting, packaging conversion, import and export cargo handling, general cargo fight counters and sorters, pre-sub-Mark, Pallet, trucking from warehouse to harbor, pick up in Hong Kong Hong Kong warehouse accumulating materials and parts, imports to China mainland transport customs services, Hong Kong local distribution, transit etc.1, Variety of Hong Kong warehouse area of choice, affordable rents; 2, Easily accessible, safe and reliable; 3, Provide one-stop quality warehousing services; 4, Storage time flexible, diversified warehousing program; 5, Hong Kong warehouse store various types of goods in various industries; 6,45 ft large container can be directly into Hong Kong warehouse unloading; 7, CCTV surveillance system, alarm system operates round the clock; 8, According to customer needs: Providing professional movers, forklift, packing, unloading, trailers. 9, Tractors counter from Mainland to Hong Kong and from Hong Kong to Mainland warehouse in china. 10, Providingcargo information tracking query.Sale Tax or VAT (Value Added Tax) Benefits In most of the countries or states, you as an e-commerce seller, must incur the payment of the sales tax or VAT for each business for sending products from your resident warehouse. By our warehousing services in Hong Kong, most of your orders might not be subjected for the sales tax or VAT charges.Avoid Duties Besides the sales tax, you have to consider the import tax or duties too. If you have a fulfillment center away in a different country, import duties will be applied at the border customs when importing bulk goods into the country for most made-in-china products. Eventually, your customers will have to compensate it through higher price for your product. However, if your warehousing is in Hong Kong itself, then you are sending smaller orders directly to the individual customers then you are very likely to avoid the import duties.Minimize Losses If you have to write-off your inventory and dispose your outmoded or seasonal products, then the freight fees and all the taxes that you have already paid will convert into irrecoverable losses. These kind of loses will not be a worry for you if your warehouse is in the country of manufacture itself i.e. China.Unlike other fulfillment companies which charges a flat fee for each product which they pick-and-pack. Here in A-freight, the management your orders have a unique fee structure that sets us apart from the competitors. We have a system where, within an order, the first product will be charged as the standard fee but any subsequent service of this same product will be charged only 1/10 of the standard fee. This is a huge loses reduction for you if you are marketing the merchandise in bulk.Communication with the Chinese Suppliers We can assist you to interconnect with your Chinese suppliers, especially during the inbound shipment to our warehouses. This will eliminate inconveniences of the dialectal difficulties or the time-zone differences. In fact, our main fulfillment centers which are in Dongguan and Shenzhen, where most Chinese factories are located. This is a boon to your networks.Our Operations All our warehouses in Hong Kong are fully equipped with advanced security systems and surveillance cameras. All the racks and shelves are organized in a very organized way. We use barcode technology to improve our efficiency and to minimize human errors. The heart of all these is our state-of- the-art inventory and orders management software. This you will have access and avail after you sign-up with our website. All our warehousing staffs are well trained to handle your products efficiently. We hand over orders to most of the shipping companies and post offices twice a day to make sure that a 24 hours handling time is possible.Target Customers Air sea freight Importers to China mainland, such as: Food from UK, Spain, Germany, USA, Australia, New Zealand; cosmeticfrom USA, South Korea, Machine from USA etc Air sea freight of China Importers: Fabrics, yarn, zippers, logo, printing paper, ink, small motors, car charger Air sea freight of China Importers: Film, shoes, fabric, hardware, accessories, leather sole, hangerExporters that need to circumvent anti-dumping ofmainland Chinaproducts. Such as USA have anti-dumping on China mainlan solar products, then can send goods to Hong Kong, make port of loading Hong Kong to avoid the anti-dumping.


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