12'' Intel: EM-I22K (5G) Intel® Core™ Rugged Notebook

12'' Intel: EM-I22K (5G) Intel® Core™ Rugged Laptop Tablet

5G is coming!

This is the beginning of a new era!

How it be fast? Speed would increase 10 times.

EM-I22K is equipped with Intel® Core™, Runs more smoothly.

Enjoy uninterrupted use.

Support Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Linux system.

Features of 12'' Intel: EM-I22K(5G) Rugged Notebook PC

support Windows 10 OS;

Support all sizes of standard of USB2.0,USB3.0,type_c connector;

Support NXP NFC(13.56M);

Support Ublox GPS High precision positioning;dual-frequency WIFI; Wide temperature battery

support 1D/2D Scan;

support standard DB9 serial port (RS232, RS485);

Rugged IP65 protection level;

support 6500mAh Removeable battery;

support high strength Glass Touch Panel, handwriting input;

support RJ45 internet access,100M Ethernet ;

Support Wrist Strap and leather keyboard;

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