Pillar Hydrant

Pillar Hydrant

Size: DN 100, DN 150

Body Material: cast iron BS 1452,

Adaptor Material: brass or bronze

Coating: Internal and external with fusion bonded epoxy coating. or liquid painting

Color: blue color,black color,red color,gray color,etc Epoxy Coated.

Working pressure: 25bar (350PSI)


Used as auxiliary connection through which the fire department can pump water to supplement existing water supplies. Pillar Hydrant widespread and convenient in life for fire fighting. This is safety for children, because it is fixed.

Must check the fire hydrant every month or before major holiday.

Removing clutter around the stem end,will special wrench in rod head,check whether appropriate,turn the valve stem,filling lubricating oil.

Using oil sands erasing rust stains on outlet thread,check the rubber gasket in cap are in good condition.

Open the fire hydrant,check the situation of water supply,put all rusty water and then shut,and observe any slack phenomenon.

Exterior paint falls off should be timely repair.

Check and remove the obstacles near fire hydrant.


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