Adamas Decking

The high performance claddingis 2-3 times of General WPC, the keel span can be reach 80-100 CM, so you can use this wall cladding in some special projects. Adamas WPC cladding formula can be used in Co-extrusion cladding and deep pattern cladding, which help the cladding achieves beautiful surface and higher performance.

Use Adamas WPC formula, we can make traditional cladding and co-extrusion cladding, this will make you have more choices, in one word, Sundi WPC can offer all wpc exterior wall panelyou want.

Advantage of Adamas Cladding

Raw Materials Nontoxic

Choose Recycled PE and Wood Powder made by the leftover branch

No Pollution in the production process

No Harmful Substance Release in Use Process

Adamas cladding is the surface of one building, just like the face of one man, treat your wall with WPC cladding, then you will have one wood-like and natural surface wall, close to nature, close to the wood, but superior to wood in split and rot. You will always find the wall cladding you need, because of Sundi has the most comprehensive series of wall cladding from co-extrusion panel to deep pattern panel, from traditional panel to Adamas panel, Sundi has the different producing lines to produce different generation wpc wall cladding installation.

PROFILE of Adamas Cladding

Hollow Deck

WPC Adamas Cladding SLD149H21.5

Width: 149 mm

Thickness: 21.5 mm

Standard Length: 2200 mm, 2900 mm

WPC Adamas Cladding SLD170H18


Width: 170 mm

Thickness: 18 mm

Standard Length: 2200 mm, 2900 mm

WPC Adamas Cladding SLD165H21


Width: 165 mm

Thickness: 21 mm

Standard Length: 2200 mm, 2900 mm

Sundi WPC: Dedicating to be one of the most professional wpc products manufacturersin China! Nanjing Xuhua Sundi New Building Materials Co., Ltd is a high technology private enterprise and focuses (focusing) in researching and developing, producing, selling designing and application of the WPC.


至: Nanjing Xuhua Sundi New Building Materials Co., Ltd.
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