Night Vision Infrared Black Flash Extender from Welltar

Product Description

  This WildSpot Wireless Black Flash IRX-22BW infrared flash booster can enhance the quality of the night pictures and videos from your invisible black IR trail camera.  An attached transmitter is used for detecting the IR signal from night vision camera and trigger unlimited units of flasher main units around 100 feet of it to light-up synchronously. It means a several boosters are available to be placed in difference place in order to increase much more illumination on the target for getting a perfect image or video at night.  An IR-In port is equipped on the transmitter offer an option that it is not only detect IR light signal from it’s gooseneck sensor but also is triggered directly from a triggering output source if your IR camera is already equipped with an IR-Ext port which you will find it in our all Huntingtrail Camera series. It is also ideal for most of experienced users who want to upgrade their ordinary visible IR camera to become a totally black IR camera instantly. Two accessory parts are provided for shielding the visible light from camera and get a way to detect a moment of capturing. After a simply decoration processing, human will not see any visible IR Red light and the invisible IR booster will be instead of the IR light source on your camera to work at night. It will be compatible to work fine with any other general IR game cameras.

Kit List

This package kit is including the accessory parts as below:

  1. Main Unit x1 set
  2. Antenna x1 pc
  3. Belt  x1 pc
  4. Instruction manual x1 pc
  5. Transmitter x1 pc (Optional)
  6. Shielding Sheet x2 pc (Optional)
  7. Sensor Holder x1 pc (Optional)



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