Front access commercial LED display screen

The arrival of digital ages brings revolutionary change to traditional advertising business. Customer is not longer satisfied to the dull and lifeless method to display advertisements. Unlike traditional printing billboard, which with static and unchangeable content,LED displaycan play many kinds of contents from text, graphics to images and videos which maximize the investment and guarantee a better ROI. The perfect image performance and bright shining advertisement always attract more attention from passing bys, and the schedulable content allow multiple clients access. Morecommercial valueadded to the initial investment.

Cinstaroutdoorcommercial LED digital displayis with super high brightness and high IP rating which satisfy all weather operations. High quality advertisement can be seen from far away. More possibility for business.Cinstaroutdoor LED screen supports both front or rear service, providing more possibility for different installation environment. Besides the normal cabinet screen, Cinstar also accepts customized sign structure design which is very convenient to install, no need complicated and expensive steel structure, just simple connection, plug and play.

CinstarcommercialLED signageis compatible to many other devices(light sensor, temperature sensor, multifunction card etc) to achieve some practical functions like auto-brightness adjustment, temperature and running condition monitoring, remote diagnostic and remote content publishing etc. With one access, you can manage all of your LED screens. Extremely saving the running cost.

Cinstaroutdoor LED displaywill be your best choice forcommercial advertising installationin shopping center, plaza, walk street, high way roadside advertising, arena scoreboard advertising, corporate headquarter, TV broadcasting, trailer advertising etc.

Cinstar outdoorcommercial signaccepts different customized specifications. The very wide choice range and high quality performance will secure each of your project. No matter it is a small sized screen or a giant LED billboard,Cinstarcan always offer you the best solution and assured service quality.


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