Multifucntional Wireless Charger

Having a wireless charging pad brings much more convenience to our life. You can have your smart s or any other Qi-compatible devices charged without wires or cables. But what if your wireless charger could do more than just charging? That's what BNEST achieves. We add wireless chargers into mouse pads, table light, Bluetooth speakers and so on. These wireless charging applications work smoothly and efficiently.




Imagine using your wireless charger when it's beside your computer, sitting right next to your mouse where you can always see it. If the wireless charger is added into a table light, you can charge your device when the light is on. Thus, you can charge your devices wherever you go and whenever you want. Multifunctional wireless charger can make your home and office much more smart. The new wireless charging technology makes your life easier and more convenient.




The wireless signal does no harm to human bodies;


The wireless charger has overheating and overcharging prevention. With the built-in smart ship, it is automatically adjust charging power according to ambient temperature and real-time electric quantity, to ensure the safety of charging.




You can charge your device when you are watching TV, playing computer games, taking a shower, etc. You just need to place your devices onto the surface of the wireless charging stand, then pick and go!




You don't have to remove the protective case every time. Place your device on the wireless charging stand, then it will charge immediately.


Wireless charger supplier Meree works to produce the best multifunctional wireless charger. If you are interested in our products or have any requirements, please contact our professional team. We have wireless charger wholesale and provide high quality and custom cordless charging station. Make a quote through our website and get home the best wireless chargers!



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