T8300 Expander chassis P8300

T8300, T8300C, P8300

T8300 Expander chassis


The Trusted expander chassis houses the Trusted expander processor(s) and up to twelve I/O modules from the high integrity (T84XX) range.

The chassis consists of a backplane, power connection terminals, and the inter-module bus connectors. The chassis is 6U (10.5ins) high and is either front mounted in a 483mm (19-inch) fixed frame or swing frame, or can be panel (rear) mounted in a suitable electrical enclosure.

The two slot positions on the left (as viewed from the front) are for installing the Trusted expander processors. The twelve remaining slots are for installing I/O modules. Each module plugs into the chassis backplane, connecting to the triplicated inter- module bus. Double and single connector options are available.

The backplane is part of the Trusted expander chassis and provides electrical interconnection and other services for the modules. A triplicated 4-position DIP switch is provided for user configuration of the system identification.

Power connection to the Trusted expander chassis is provided via a 4-pole connector on the chassis backplane. The Trusted expander chassis is designed for a nominal dual +24V dc power supply.


Up to two Trusted expander processors supported per Trusted expander chassis.

Twelve high integrity I/O modules supported per Trusted expander chassis.

Dual redundant power supplies from the Trusted high integrity power supply unit.

Module slot keying.

Triplicated inter-module bus connections.

Front or rear (panel) mounting on 483mm (19-inch) dimension.

32, 48, 64 and 96-way DIN41612 I/O port connector capability.


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