Chalcogenide Lenses

chalcogenide glassis containing one or more chalcogens (sulfur, selenium and tellurium, but excluding oxygen). Chalcogenide components are becoming popular in various IR applications due to its excellent wide band transmittance (3-5µm, 8-12µm) with reliable machinability, which perform rather differently from oxides; particularly low band gaps help optical designers to introduce more flexible IR solutions.

Based on Hyperion Optics’ IR material processing capability, we now introduce our Chalcogenide glass family components, as equipped with the most advanced manufacturing devices, Hyperion Optics is able to deliver quality Chalcogenide components just like other IR materials. Our Chalcogenide material inventory ranges from Schott IRG22, IRG23, IRG24, IRG25, IRG26; in addition, as our partnership with China based material vendor HUBEI NEW HUAGUANG (Known as NHG) Material Technology Co., Ltd,. We also supply Chalcogenide components with their Chinese equivalents which is a highly cost-effective solution for our potential customer whether it is a concept approval project or series production scenario.

NHG introduced seven Chalcogenide materials category for designers and manufacturers namely IRG201, IRG202, IRG203, IRG204, IRG205, IRG206, IRG207, with actual tested refractive index and transmittance through the wave range of 0.8µm up to 20µm data available. Download HUBEI NEW HUAGUANG Material Technology NHG brand Chalcogenide glass Zemax NHG2016.agf and refractive index, transmittance data here, find out how this would work for your own application. Hyperion Optics provides full technical support through your entire project development phase regarding materials selection as well as applicable manufacturing tolerance nomination according to your tolerance analysis.

Hyperion Opticshas been providing custom Chalcogenide glass sphere components for complex IR systems with strict quality control, Please talk to one of our experts to work out how Hyperion Optics could help you with your own Chalcogenide components solution today.

Chalcogenide Lenses




Diameter Tolerance(mm)




Center Thickness(mm)




Radius (%)




Focal Length Tolerance (%)








Figure Tolerance in λ(Pow/irreg)

5 - 2

2 - 1

1 - 1/2

Centration (Arc min)




Coating (R% avg)


Chalcogenide Glass

* Further, We are able to apply DLC coating on chalcogenide lens. Call us or write to us today for consultation!Please review or download IRG material data and NHG glass catalog for detailed technical information below:

Hyperion Optics is a professional premium supplier, we provide Anamorphic Lenses, Collimating Lenses, Fisheye Lenses, Beam Expander, optical design manufacturing, chalcogenide glasses for infrared opticsand etc. Want to know more? Please contact us.


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